A day of socialising and The snowman.

Today started with a visit to an old school friend and her baby boy. We absolutely love this little man, especially Strong-man who longs for a brother. He is the most adorable little boy with huge brown eyes, just seeing him makes me think I could do it all again.
When we had, had our fill of cuddles, we headed into town for our home ed book club, which is organised by a friend of mine, her blog can be found here. We were studying The Snow man by Hans Christian Andersen, which can be found here if you are interested, I had planned to read the story to the children a few days before the meet, but we were to busy to fit it in, so I ended up reading it over breakfast this morning, Strong-man and the Twinaloos really enjoyed this, so it might be some thing I continue to do each morning. After all you can never read too many books.
This was actually the first time we had managed to make it to the meeting and I am glad we made the effort, even if we were a little late.
The Twinaloos enjoyed making a snow-man,

they also enjoyed playing with a little boy who was not part of our group, while the older two opted for book hunting, Fairy has discovered a new series of books which she is reading day and night, literally, and spotted one on the way in, so was very eager to go hunting for more. I am glad she only managed to find the one, as the rest are an intended Birthday gift for her next month.
As we were late we missed the question and answer session about the story ,at the beginning of the meet, so I will do this with mine tomorrow, the older children in the group had the option to do an Acrostic poem, neither of mine wanted to do it there, but Fairy had a go when she got home, she has agreed I can write it up on here for you all to read,

New day
Old dog
Man and lady
Never seen again.

I was very pleased with it and her understanding of the story, considering that it was written 150 years ago the language is slightly different to the language we use today, but she was not phased, Cameron is going to complete his tomorrow, which I will share if he lets me.
After spending a bit more time choosing books for the girls we headed home. The older two completed a few maths games which I had downloaded on to their I pod’s  and the Twinaloos played happily, this did not last for long though as the peace was broken by Twinaloo 2 in floods of tears, Twinaloo 1 had bitten her finger, now Twinaloo 1 can be very stubbon and strong minded but she has never bitten before, well this episode was the third one of the day, and earnt her a time out, three minutes she sat out in the hall way and I didn’t hear a sound, which is very unusual for her, Twinaloo 1 is loud even when being quiet, so I went to check on her and this is what I found, sitting with the washing basket completely covering her, now how on earth are you meant to keep a serious face when you are met with that. Oh gosh this little girl is the funniest little girl I have ever met, Twinaloo 1 I hope you never lose your sense of humour.



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2 thoughts on “A day of socialising and The snowman.

  1. Love the blog. Don’t mind the link at all. I’m pleased you enjoyed book club it was lovely seeing you there today. Love that acroustic poem too! Well done Fairy! x

  2. Alison

    awwwww thats lovely. How lovely to be mentioned in your first blog. Little man sends sloppy kisses. xxxxx

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