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I never realised this blog would be so much fun, I had put off starting it because I thought it would just be ‘another’ thing I had to fit into an already full day, but I find myself looking forward to reviewing what we have done and editing out the not so great bits. With that in mind we will ignore the fact that the day started with Twinaloo 1 nipping Twinaloo 2 and Fairy refusing to get ready, we will skim straight on to the fun we had with grandma.
For those of you that don’t know me in ‘real’ life and for the ones that do, but didn’t know, my mum is very ill, she has so many things going on that I wonder how she manages to get up each day, her main battle is cancer, the type that there is no cure for and has an average of 5 years life expectancy once diagnosed (she was officially diagnosed  last year) :-(. So when my mum is happy it brings me great joy, my four munchkins seem to bring her untold happiness, so when she phoned this morning asking if we wanted to meet for lunch and a play, I didn’t have to think twice, of course the aforementioned munchkins were rather happy as well. So that is how we spent our day, eating yummy food and watching the Twinaloos play and play they did, for 2 solid hours which of course resulted in them napping on the way home, which is a big no-no for these girls, even a quick 10  minute nap will see them up for hours after they should have gone to bed.
The Twinaloos and Grandma.

This was followed by the older two choosing to doing some math in the form of,multiplication, adding, and subtracting, which I will never object to, Fairy really dislikes maths, she can do it and is good at it but she has to work at it, it does not come naturally, so the fact that the two games she chose to play were math based surprised.
I found a good website for spelling (here if you fancy a look) so she had a go at the year 6 lists and managed to win £2 off her Grandad, who bet her she could not spell one of the words on her list, Two things Grandad needs to remember is never to bet money on Fairy not being able to amaze you with her English skills or random facts, this child loves facts.
Strong-man choose to have a go at a few of the reception lists and was so pleased he could spell the words, I wish he had more confidence in himself. He also completed his Acrostic poem and agreed to it being put on here, so here it is,
Naughty dog
He did so well and really enjoyed this, asking to do some more like this another day.
Twinaloo 1 requested that we make another snowman today so we had to           de-paper the toilet roll and create another snowman, I can see this being a regular event.


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