House work, illness and special moments

Did you have a nice week-end?

I spent my whole weekend cleaning, mainly the upstairs, well mainly the girls room . Obviously when mummy says go tidy your room, to my lovely 10-year-old, it means shove as much stuff as you can in the wardrobe, on top of the wardrobe and under the bed!  Just lovely.
So out everything came and it took a good 5 hours to sort, move, Hoover and put back 2 little people and 1 slightly bigger persons stuff. I then had a quick Hoover everywhere else and fell onto the sofa, realising at 4 o’clock that the children had not had lunch never mind dinner, naughty mummy.
With children fed and mummy moans had, we ( I say we but actually mean I) set about tidying the front room so that we could enjoy our family night.
This week we watched Marmaduke , on my gosh it was rubbish, well in my opinion any way. The oldest two thought it was okay but nothing special, the Twinaloos however were with me, one fell asleep and the other got down to play.
It was still lovely though, to have all (minus Daddy who was at work) of us squashed together on the sofa, eating a few sweets and just being happy in the moment. Squashed but happy, we really do need a bigger sofa.

On Sunday Strong-man  decided that if mummy can clean the girls room then she can give his a clean too, so that is how I spent most of Sunday, although I must say he is a lot better at tidying than all three girls put together, he actually likes to have  a tidy room, so there was not really that much to do. This was followed by paper work, I have recently brought some complete curriculum packages for the older two, we don’t normally follow any set curriculum, just go with what ever the children are interested in and incorporate subjects into that topic, but we, well I though we would give a package deal a go. In a bid to save money I purchased the E-book version and got my lovely husband to print it for me, I am not convinced this did really save money in the end, but we live and learn, so all these papers had to be sorted, so that was the rest of my sunday.
Then came the illness, I had started to feel a bit unwell during the day but, as we  mummies do just carried on. Well that was a mistake, by the time bedtime came, I felt terrible, I was hot, had a headache like no other and a nose that would not stop running, so I bribed the older two into going to bed early so I could try to rest. By monday morning I felt worse and knew we would not be able to make it to the party we had been invited to. Fortunately  the Twinaloos didn’t realise the party was later in the day, so no tears were shed just a few moans from the older two. I hate missing things we have been invited to, especially birthday parties.
So that was my weekend and Monday rather miserable really.

Today has been a lot better, Strong-man and fairy had a home ed club to go to, it is run by Suffolk wildlife trust and is really well run. Strong-man has always gone, Fairy well lets just say its hit and miss, today was a miss, I so wish she had more confidence. I popped in town to get a few presents, I took Twinaloo 2 with me and Twinaloo 1 stayed with Daddy, and done some cooking,
It was very strange to only have 1 twin, they have never done things separately before, always choosing to stay together, so this was a first and it felt strange, a lot easier but strange. Twinaloo 2 and I stopped to have a drink at the local coffee shop.
 She is now sleeping soundly, so I must have worn her out.

Tonight I have to bake a coconut cake, which I have not attempted before, for my mum as it is her birthday tomorrow, my brother and I are taking her out for a surprise lunch, so that should be fun.
Before I bore you all to death (if I haven’t already) I will leave you with this picture, it made me feel so very lucky.
 For all of those you can not read 3-year-old Twinaloo writing it says and I quote ” mummy I love you so very much, mummy I love you” it was written by Twinaloo 1 while I was writing a to do list.

Oh Twinaloo 1 mummy loves you so very much too.


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