Nothing special

Today has been just that, nothing special, nothing exciting happened although nothing bad happened either. The children were grumpy after their late night. It was Grandmas birthday so we went round for a little party and didn’t get home until 23:23, so this morning all was still quiet at 8:00, which is very unusual for this house. So grumpy tired children made for a slow day. Which leads on to the kind of evening when I am sitting here struggling to put two words together that actually make sense. So I will let the pictures do most of the talking tonight. The day started off with crafts, I recently put a white board up on the wall to try and encourage more drawing/creativity, it worked, not a day goes by with out it being decorated by one of us, yes Daddy and Mummy use it too, today it was Fairy who had a go.  Twinaloo 2 then joined in on the action and drew this picture, Fairy also made a bed/sleeping bag for her Sylvanian dog, she stichted it all by herself, only asking me to help to thread the needle.  Isn’t it lovely, I think she did really well.
She then made a moving wolf picture which still needs finishing by way of colouring.
Twinaloo 1 wanted to do some painting, gosh I hate love painting, we only had black and yellow which Twinaloo1 mixed together to create a kind of green/brown mess, this was then plastered over every piece of paper with in a inch of her, as always she could not resist painting her hands, which always makes me giggle because she really does not like the paint on her hands , this child has her own thing going on and no matter how many times I tell her not to do it, because she will not like it, she just can not resist, it has to be done.

With energy levels rising Daddy and strong-man decided to play a game of ‘moth and bat’ the Twinaloos and strong-man loved this, its a bit like Blind mans bluff, except the one blind folded  is a bat and the others are moths. The bat calls out “Bat” and the others have to call out “moth”, the bat then has to try and work out where about’s the moths are.
Some maths and geography were then completed by the older two and alphabet work by the little two. The day was then done and as they say the rest is history, so a very slow paced normal day.

I will leave you with one more picture, the coconut cake I mentioned I had to make, it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. I made a square and a circle coconut sponge and made them into a heart and decorated it with coconut icing.

Take care
x x x

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