Introducing Planning

So…My wife has decided to let me write a guest post on her little blog, she may regret this…

Big Papa Bear

My name is Jason, aka Papa Bear or as Twinaloo 1 calls me BIG papa bear, quite where the BIG comes from I have no idea, unless, she is trying to tell me something!!!

Anyway, I have taken a couple of weeks off from my regular work duties to become the primary teacher and more hands on the family HS learning activities and to give Hannah a rest from the day-to-day rigors of being a mummy, cook, cleaner and teacher to four very, (VERY) energetic children.

I must say that I joked with Hannah that I could EASILY cope with home educating the 4 monkeys, attending various activities with the children and everything else that goes running the home and whilst I still stand by the statement, somewhat, it needs to be said that it is incredibly tiring at times.

I haven’t found the learning aspect too difficult at all really, it’s not easy by any stretch, however it is evident that ALL children have a love for learning and more importantly WILL enjoy learning when it is something that they WANT to do. Despite this we have had the occasional hiccup and struggle when we begin our maths session or embark on a less favoured topic; however with a little encouragement this is usually overcome.

The really difficult part that I have found is the extra-curricular activities that go along with or in addition to home educating, the cleaning (several times a day), cooking (several times a day), dressing the younger ones (several times a day) and general homely duties that we could whizz through if the children where in an indoctrination centre school.

If I had to sum up this week in one word it would be:


Now believe it or not planning is not something that I or any other men I know do particularly well. If I can put it off or coast along I will quite happily deal with situations as they arise, however I have discovered lo and behold that planning does actually work (who knew?).

Planning lessons , activities and jobs BEFORE the day starts (or ideally the night before) really does work and creates an awesome vibe, a smooth running day, a less stressed papa bear and happy little students.

I’ll leave this post with a couple of images from a day this week. The first is in the kitchen, now I love cooking and do consider myself (in my own mind at least) a bit of a master chef and Twinaloo 1 & 2 love to help make a mess!!!.

Twinaloo 1 & Twinaloo 2

The second image is of Strongman and Fairy on the PlayStation 3 console, chilling out after a hard afternoons maths.

Chilling Time


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