Science on a Sunday!

Well who would have thought, children wanting to learn out side of ‘school’ hours. But it’s true and that is how we spent our Sunday, a simple comment from Daddy caught the interest of Strong-man and we were away. We took at look at magnets and how they ‘work’, I had purchased a magnet kit a while back but the children had not seemed interested then, so I tucked it away in a draw, so while Daddy was explaining about the magnetic forces at work I grabbed the kit. It was a second-hand purchase I grabbed on the off-chance that it might be good, I was not disappointed, it contained all the bits and bobs needed for the experiments, with clear easy to follow instructions, I can’t seem to find them any where  on the internet so I can’t link to them, sorry. This then lead on to a discussion about how strong magnets are, which took us to you-tube and videos of the huge magnets used in scrap yards, then we talked about magnets in everyday life. Hunger took over and we ended the discussion with the promise that we would do some more another day. Needless to say later in the afternoon I gathered together various worksheets and experiments based on magnets.

Grandad then came round for a visit in the afternoon, which pleased the Twinaloos, they love people coming round, or going round other people’s, very different to the older two at that age.
My dad brought the children a scratch card, he has done for the last few months, he lets the children pick which one they want and they get to keep the winnings, now every single week Twinaloo2 has won, it doesn’t matter if she picks first, second, third or last, she wins, sometimes she is the only one, sometimes the others win too. Well last week she won £10 which is her highest win so far, this week she chose second after Twinaloo 1 and would you believe it she won £10 again. I have no idea how she does it, poor Twinaloo 1 has only ever won once and was a little sad that yet again Twinaloo 2 had won. So Twinaloo 2 has said she will share her winnings with her. Grandad has joked that he is going to get Twinaloo 2 to pick the lottery numbers for next week. So we will see if her luck extends to others or it’s just for her.

Today the children have been busy with maths and more science, Strong-man is finding his maths work too easy so we are going to move him up to the next year and see if that suits him better, Fairy still has a dislike for maths, which I wish I could rid her of, she is actually rather good at it if  she just gave it a chance.
Any way enough with the written word and time for some pictures.
Daddy done an experiment with the munchkins, using balloons, candles, matches and water, the experiment can be found here.  I love how the Twinaloos join in on all our ‘lessons’ they absorb so much, I also love how you can see Twinaloo2 rubbing her hair she does this when she is tired, worried or concentrating.

It was then my turn to play teacher and we did the first set of experiments out of our Planet earth science set unfortunately I could only find this link, which is not much help, this was also a second-hand set, I brought it from a car boot sale last year for a£1, this set is amazing I knew the Children especially strong-man would love it and it was complete. After reading chapter 1, a real life account of a volcano eruption, we had a go at erupting our own, again every thing was included in the set.
I love this picture of Strong-man and I, we are both so absorbed in the experiment, I am so blessed and lucky that I am the one who gets to share in these moments, not a stressed out teacher with 30 other students to sort out.
Home educating is hard, the mess, the complete lack of space, the times when I just want to have a wee by myself, listening to four children all day every day, but these moments, his little face in the picture, these make up for all the hard times, this journey might be a bumpy one but is one I would not swap for any thing.

I hope you are all having lots of special moments.


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