If I am honest the past few days have been a struggle,  bad moods, tired people and just general stuff has meant that we have not been our happy selves, but as this blog is about the ‘happy’ in each day, no matter how small, I will try to remember only the good bits, sometimes  I get so caught up in the things that go wrong, the things I don’t have or the things I feel I need, that I forget what I do have, the things I should be thankful for.

So with that in mind I sat round the table with the four little ones and we each wrote something we were thankful for on a piece of paper,I told them it could be anything, anything they were glad they had or glad they had experienced.  At first they protested that they had nothing to write, but eventually it came to them, the things they were thankful for.
Twinaloo 1 said she was thankful for her certificate she received  when she had completed all the lessons on her Math program, considering I had only given them a small slip of paper I condensed it down to, I am thankful I can learn. Twinaloo 2 was thankful for her pet rabbit, Strong-man was thankful for his life, when we spoke about all the things he could be thankful for, he looked at me and said I am just thankful for my life, how simple yet amazing, I am sooo thankful for your life too strong-man and Fairy was thankful for her pet cat called Biscuit.
When the children had finished we attached their notes to some sky lanterns and set them off into the great wide world.
Strong-man’s note fell off as it started to gain height, but he was not too bothered, he turned to me and said “well Jehovah can see everything so he knows what it said.” This little man can be so understanding and deep sometimes.
So that was the ‘happy’ in our day, nothing great, nothing that even lasted that long, but it was there, for the half an hour we were out side we were ALL happy, it doesn’t matter that we came back in and the usual bedtime fight happened, because I have that half an hour and for that I am grateful.

I will leave you with the pictures.

Holding their notes.

lighting the lanterns

Up, Up and away.


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