A busy week and a bit of rant, It’s a long one sorry!.

This week we have been super busy, I have sat down a few times to write a blog and ended up either falling asleep or some one has needed me.

What have we been busy doing, well in short, Living.

There has been some playing, cooking, running, jumping, making, play dough squashing, painting, colouring, arguing, making up, dressing up, Library visiting, Hot chocolate drinking, bunny cuddling, dog walking, and lots and lot’s of learning.

The Twinaloo’s have been to gymnastics this week, they absolutely love gymnastics, at the moment they attend the mother and toddler class, but are more than ready, ability wise for the next group. I have thought about moving them up and their names are on the waiting list, but I am not sure it is suitable for them. It is an hour-long class and mummies are not allowed to stay in the room and watch, all parents must wait upstairs, there is a viewing area up stairs but it is quite a distance from the children.
When I enquired about the class I asked if parents are allowed to stay in the room and watch and was told a definite no, when the young girl on reception saw I had a problem with this, she explained that all parents had to wait up stairs, because if they let one parent watch then all the children would want their mummies/daddies there!!!!!!
Am I missing something here, we are talking about children of three and four, what is wrong with them wanting their mummies there and what harm would it do.
I know we are living in a time when parents are encouraged/urged to send their children off as soon as they can and most people are happy to do this, but I just don’t get it.
I also know most of that class will be used to not having their mummies, daddies grandparents, or who ever there because they probably already attend play group or nursery, and they probably have done since they were 2 1/2, which is now the norm.
But my Twinaloos are not used to it, they have no idea who the people teaching them are, or who the other children are and they will have no idea why mummy has gone and left them, how can that be any good for their emotional development.
Now don’t get me wrong my Twinaloos are not by my side every minute of every day, they are the most confident of all four of my lovelies, they are the two who will happily go off and play without me where ever we go, but to send them into a room where they will not know any one and expect them to be okay is not something I am sure I want to force them to do.
See I have seen what it can do to a child and in our case it was not pretty.
When I should have listened to my instincts, I listened to ‘experts’ when I should have just stopped and listened to my child I listened to and felt the pressure from other parents and the results were/ are still hard to deal with.
Fairy first went to Nursery when she was 4 years old, which is a lot later than all the other children we had met at mother and toddler and various other places, believe me many a health visitor and ‘friendly’ parent tried to persuade me to send her when she reached 3, sending her was the one of the biggest mistakes I ever made, sending her to school was the other. It completely destroyed my little girl, so may be I am just over protective now (I don’t think so) or may be I am just more educated about the needs and emotional development of a child, which ever it is I am not sure sending them is the right thing to do, no matter how good they are at gymnastics.

The Twinaloo’s also started Trampolining this week, it took them a while to feel brave enough to get on the trampoline, I never realised how high they were, but Twinaloo 1 found the courage and she did fantastic, mastering a seat drop and knee tuck all in her first go, guess all that jumping on the bed, mummies bed I should add (urgh), has not been wasted. Twinaloo 2 had a quick go, but lost confidence when a miss timed jump sent her forward and she lost her footing.

We will definitely be going again, I take all four with me and I always watch the reaction people have to us, you can actually see them trying to figure out why the older two are with me.
Especially when they sit and complete questions in work books.
One person did actually ask, now my heart always drops when people say the famous ‘no school today’, don’t get me wrong I am not ashamed of what we do and I love to talk about it, but it is always the same questions, Do you have to follow a curriculum?  Do need a qualification to teach them? Where you a teacher before? Who checks up on you? and the famous what about socialisation?, some times I wonder if people actually know the meaning of socialisation.
Then there are the people who seem to take offence at your choice, like some how you are suggesting that they are a bad parent, most people who I talk to, at some point in the conversation will feel the need to say, well my ‘jimmy’ loves school.
It’s strange how different people react to some one who has made a decision to go completely against the norm.
This conversation was different though, the lady was genuinely interested, yes she did ask the normal questions, but she asked them with feeling and interest  rather than annoyance and it was nice to stand and chat with another person, without feeling judged.

No pictures this time,  I can’t find the lead to connect the I pod to the computer, sorry.


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