Use your imagination

Well hello,

I did have a blog post written in my head, It was full of clever words and pretty pictures, I was hoping to give you all a snapshot of our week and a half since I last blogged, it was going to be pretty, it was going to be full of wit and humor and most importantly it was going to be full of special pictures.

As you can see, that is far removed from what I am giving you. What I am giving you is far less pretty but I hope it will do, you see the computer has it in for me, it will not up load any of the pictures I want it to, choosing to upload the random ones the children take of each other, seriously how many times can a child take a picture of his face, the only time I did manage to get any thing half decent, it went and deleted the whole album, The space bar has also decided to stopped working properly so I have to type each word and then hit it rather hard just to get it to move along, this is making the whole process take twice as long.
My brain is also very tired after having hardly any sleep and I just don’t have the will power to battle the computer.

The children have been busy though, the older two have studied, Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Bible study, and various other things they are interested in, the twins have completed numerous activities on the letter B, which is their letter of the week, we have been sledging, walking the dog (my brothers), meeting up with friends and spending time with daddy.

I hate that I have no pictures showing their adventures, but this computer has waged a war against me and just this once it has won, so please use you imagination.

Hope you are all having more luck.


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