A special cake and finally some pictures

Tomorrow fairy will be 11, so I have spent this evening making her a birthday cake, it is a bit of a tradition in our family, my mum has always made me a birthday cake and now I make my lovely lot one. Each year they get to choose what they would like, so far I have made, teddies, trains, desert islands, cats, fairy houses, ambulances, butterflies and now a wolf.

I was a bit worried about starting this cake, I am not really sure why, I just thought it was going to be really difficult, but it went okay, I am pleased with it and I think fairy will be which is the most important thing.

Here is a quick preview.

The moon is a bit yellow and not quite round but it was getting late and to be honest I just wanted to be finished.

I have still got to blow up balloons and wrap one more present then I am ready. Fairy didn’t want a party this year, she has asked to visit the Science museum in London, so that is what we are going to do. We will still have family round and a little party tea, so that will be fun for her.

Lastly, because  Aunty Sally was missing seeing some pictures ……..

Helping Grandad fix the door

Two babies one sleeping bag.

Play dough monsters

A trip out in the car

getting a bit fed up!

Writing our name

Making a birthday card


Being cheeky!

4 happy children

Chilling out watching a movie.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the glimpse into our week.


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3 thoughts on “A special cake and finally some pictures

  1. Nice Cake

  2. That is a very impressive cake Hannah! I hope Fairy has a wonderful day, mind you it sounds like it would be difficult not too! I love the science museum 🙂 x

    • Thank you Lisa. We love the science museum too, I am a bit worried how it will go as we are not taking a buggy this time as we are going down by train, so I am not sure how the girls will be. Fingers crossed they decide to cooperate.

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