As requested by the birthday girl, we have spent the last two days in London.
I have a love hate relationship with London, I love all the free museums, the galleries and the other educational places, learning in London just happens it would be hard to stop it, but I hate the rushing, the under ground, the school groups, is there ever a quiet time to visit the science museum?

I especially hate restaurants whom shut their doors to children at 5:oo, right when 4 children are hungry and really dont want to walk any further, I hate the crowds of people and the rudeness of some people.

We did managed to cram a lot into our two days, we spent our first day at the Science museum, we were there the whole day and still didn’t get to see every thing, it is such an amazing place, with so many hands on activities, the children absolutely love it there and we literally had to drag them away.

We then went on to our  hostel, the first one we had ever stayed in. As there is six of us we really struggle to find a hotel that can accommodate us, the maximum occupancy in a room is four, normally we have to pay for two rooms, which obviously puts the cost up a bit not to mention it is not much fun to be apart. Friends of ours had used Hostels before and recommended them so we thought we would give them a go.

We paid for a family room, which could sleep six and we were looking forward to all being in the same room and it was only two stops from the Science museum which was a huge bonus. The hostel itself was a very impressive building, it must have been an amazing house in its time, high ceilings and very large rooms, the kind of thing I could get used to, there were also so many floors, I think we counted five! also a thing I could get used to, we checked in,the staff were friendly and we were given our key, room 306, great, on the top floor, great, we have no lift, not so great, why would a Hostel put all the family rooms at the top of a building that has no lift ?

Oh well, we had to carry a buggy, a back pack, another bag, two very tired twins (who refused to  walk another step) and listen to strong-man cry (his legs were hurting, he suffers with a condition called Hypermobility, basically his ligaments do not support his bones, so if he is walking for too long he can over bend and this results in him having pains which feel like very bad cramps) the whole way up god knows how many flights of stairs, it was not much fun I can tell you. When we finally arrived at our room I had turned a shade of red that is not healthy and had lost about a pints worth of sweat! Gosh I was puffing. Our room had two bunk beds and two ingle beds. The toilet and showers were just down the corridor.

In true twinaloo style they needed a wee within a minute of walking through the door, I was lucky enough to got the job of taking them, oh my gosh the smell as we walked through the door, I am guessing that the water from the showers was not draining away properly, it smelt so bad, it was truly disgusting. Needless to say I used the toilets on the floor below us when the next occasion arrived.
This was topped off by finding a rather large number two floating in the upstairs toilet the next morning. You may wonder why I ventured into these toilets again, well to be honest I could not be bothered to carry the twins down the flight of stairs to the other ones it was also rather early in the morning, I had not done my hair and was wearing tracksuit bottoms and an over sized top, not a pretty combination. Guess that is what I get for being lazy, defiantly a lesson learned there.

Day two was spent at the London aquarium, we were extremely impressed, this place is well worth a visit, we have visited two other sea life centres and I must admit both times they left us a bit wanting, but this place was amazing, I enjoyed it which is a compliment to the place, I really struggle with the whole captive animal experience, I understand the need for conservation and I know that without some of these places some species would no longer exists and I am sure the staff  love all the animals and that the animals welfare is the most important thing, but what fun can it be stuck in a cage or tank for your whole life.

We finished off the day with a look at the London eye and a ride aboard a Duck! I can highly recommend the London duck tours, they are fun and very informative and who would not want to ride on an amphibious vehicle. We have been on two now and each time we have learnt something new.

We had lots of fun and saw and learnt lots of new things but it was with a sigh of true relief I boarded the train at 21:00, I felt I could finally relax, I felt we had survived London, looking round at my four lovely muchkins it was obvious to see it had been worth it though.  All four of them were very well-behaved and not one disagreement was had between them.

We did have a lovely time and all four of them are desperate to go back, there is so much to see and do I wonder if we will ever experience all we want to.

There are no pictures because the computer is being silly again, oh it makes me so cross, when Pa Pa bear gets home I will get him to figure it out and up load them then.


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