Chicken pox and sunshine

My twinaloos have chicken pox, they both started getting spots on Thursday and are now covered in them, with more still brewing under the surface. They are dealing with it very well though, this evening has probably been the worst for them, the spots are now starting to itch and they have so many that it must drive them insane. Luckily they don’t seem to be getting many on their faces just the odd one or two. They both have them in their Lady bits, ears and mouths and Twinallo 2 has them on her eye lids. I hate seeing them so poorly.

Of course the sun started shining brightly and the temperature warmed up the day the twinaloos came down with spots, every day the Twinaloos and I have played, cuddled and sat in our little front room and admired the beautiful sun shining brightly through the front window, today we could resist it no longer, we just had to get out side. So in the garden we went.

Oh it was so exciting to see signs of spring and to feel the warmth of the sun, its good for the soul. So what did we get up to? Well we …….

made mud and lots of it

explored nature

had a swing

Cuddled some bunnies

and marvelled at the changing of the season

Yup spring is definitely on its way.


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