Time for a change, both to routine and life style.

Normally on a Sunday my lovely munchkins spend the day at Grandma and Grandad’s house, I however spend my Sundays having a major clean of the house, in the hope it will not need so much attention during the week, I also spend the time planning the weeks lessons and getting all the bits together, so during the week I can just  grab that days folder. I say normally because this Sunday that has not be possible.

This Sunday I have been a referee, a huge grouch at times, a pillow for sleeping Twinaloos and a nurse. It has been a hard day. The twins were up so many times last night that I think I saw every hour. I was expecting a bad night but not quite that bad, each time I settled one twin the other would wake and there is only so much you can to do stop the itching, even when they manged to sleep they shuffled about like crazy and as they were in bed with me I felt every single movement, add to that the fact that Strong-man woke up and needed reassurance and a cuddle during the night and you get a very tired mummy. I can manage to function  okay on 5 hours sleep but any less and monster mummy rears her head and with Daddy at work it could get ugly.

Such a sad face.

So I decided to give up on the normal routine and just go with the flow, the Twinaloos were happy playing with the older two so I thought  if I could just get the down stairs done, then tomorrow I could blitz upstairs when Daddy got home, Huh NO chance!,  as soon as I started we had….. tears, arguments, more tears, a shouting then apologising mummy, tears again, a telescope got pushed over (sorry Daddy!!! it is okay honest, we tested it), Fairy got cross, Strong-man got cross and the Twinaloos cried some more.

When everyone had calmed down we all agreed that we just needed to get out of the house, after all we had been in since we got home from London on Tuesday evening, so we phoned Grandma, thank god for Grandma and Grandad and we went round there.

One twin slept, one twin cuddled, Strong-man took Grandad for a bike ride to the BMX track  and fair completed some more game programming and writing, on this site. It is based on the warrior cats books, which she absolutely loves.

My lovely mum even cooked dinner for us.

Although we all needed the break today, being away from home has meant that I still have all the house work to do and all the planning which really sucks, although in hind sight is not a bad thing, Strong-man and Fairy are wanting to study a wider variety of things now. so I am thinking that our routine has to change, I have decided that we will cover the ‘core’ subjects each morning and then spend the afternoon doing topic work, Fairy has decided that she wants to study Famous Artists, so that is what we will start with, I think we will spend a week on the first Artist then change topic, do that for a week then go back to a different artist. I hate not having a complete plan, I feel happy and safe when I have every thing mapped out, although we never stick to it 100%, I like to have a rough idea of what we need to be doing.

Ummm the life style change, that’s a biggy, since having the twinaloos I have been wanting to lose weight, I have half heartedly tried a few times but never really stuck to the diet this has meant that I have actually done the opposite, I have gained weight, which really sucks.
My lovely brother gets married this year and we have two other weddings to attend, so the time has come to take action.

The photo on the left is of me the summer before I fell pregnant with the twins, the photo on the right is me last year, gosh it is hard to look at the photo on the left, its like two different people. I am realistic, I know carrying two babies at once, two big babies, has changed my shape completely and I know I may not ever get that shape back but I am so unhappy with the size I am I need to do some thing. So I am going to record my progress on here each Sunday. Hopefully by the summer I can start to feel a little bit like my old self again.

Now for some pictures from our day at Grandma and Grandad’s.

Twinaloo 2 spotted this huge Bumble Bee.

The men return.

More signs of spring,

helping Grandad feed the fish

and Kiki the Camouflage cat.

It was such a lovely warm day again today, I really hope it continues.


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