Highs and lows of home education.

Well what a mixture last week was.

The power cut I mentioned in the last post, returned on Tuesday morning and to cut a long and boring story short we were left with no electricity for the day, so no heating, no hot water, no fridge and freezer, no internet and no phone, absolutely nothing worked, the land lord was also being a …… silly man about getting some one to fix it.

Wednesday was a vast improvement though, we spent the day at the beach, Felixstowe to be exact, it was so lovely, the sun was shining and it felt nice to be soaking up the warmth. While we were at Felixstowe a bomb was discovered (not by us), it had been washed up due to all the building work that is going on. Ohhh this was so exciting, the beach was cordoned off, there were police every where. A little boys dream. Especially a little boy who loves absolutely anything to do with world war 1 and 2. The bomb squad then turned up and we watched as they set about making the bomb safe, we got to chat to the police and watch the army men do their stuff. Very educational indeed.

Thursday was spent at our friends house this friend in case you wondered, the children always have a fantastic time, playing made up games, building dens and generally just being children free to explore and enjoy. I arrived home Thursday evening with four very tired children, who all wanted to go straight to bed.

Friday was okay, we looked after my brothers dog in the morning and I had a list of things that needed doing, none of which actually got done. For a while now our internet connection has been a bit unpredictable, one minute every thing is fine the next not so good. Well Friday night it decided to die a slow and painful death and by Saturday we had no internet connection. First losing complete power and then having no internet connection has made me realise how much we depend on our luxury. I didn’t think it would affect us that much, after all we have no T.V and only recently Husband decided to buy a PS3 up to that point we didn’t have a game console either. So I thought we were pretty low-key technology wise. But it did bother us and the fact that it bothered us is now bothering me. I would love to do what these fellow home edders did, they gave up all mod cons, rented out their house and travelled the U.K  working at farms, eco villages you name it, in return for experience and food and shelter. What an adventure.

So Saturday was spent searching for a router and stopping at various charity shops, oh I found so many bargains, I will have to share a pic of what we found.

Sunday I spent all day doing the house work, enough said I think.

Which leads on to today, ummm today has been horrid, I woke at 4:30 this morning to find the cat had used our bed as a toilet, (the window had been shut down stairs and he couldn’t get out) just lovely, I then over slept which annoyed me, I have picked up another cold bug thing and it is really horrid, after the chicken pox last week I really didn’t want any one else ill and to top it off Strong-man has behaved terribly. So bad in fact I told him he would be going to school, gosh I feel so bad for saying that and I hate that I said it but he really has been bad, he made me cry his sisters cry and himself cry.

If I am perfectly honest I don’t understand him one bit, he is so Jekyll & Hyde, he is the sweetest most loving boy you could meet, he has a heart of gold and is very affectionate, nothing is too much trouble for him, if he is by himself with you he will talk for hours, he takes care of his sisters and is a happy little boy, this is the side friends and extended family see. But then he has a side I find really hard to understand, he can be so angry, mean, aggressive, cross and really horrid, he shout and throws things. I hate seeing him like this, he is my little man and he is so special to us but when he is like this, it hurts to say it but I really don’t like him.

I have no idea what to do with him any more, I have tried ignoring the unwanted behaviour, only praising the behaviour we expect, I have tried charts, punishments, rewards you name it I have done it. I trained in child development and everything I believed/learnt he has tested me on. Nothing I learnt has worked and I have no idea why he is like it. None of the others are but then they are girls, maybe it is a boy thing, but surly it’s not a good thing.

I feel so sad and angry at myself for saying what I did and feeling they way I do, so please don’t judge me, I did debate whether or not to add this to the post, I could have left it out but it is part of what is going on in my life and I want his blog to be about our real life, not our life through rose-tinted glasses.

Please if you have any ideas or words of encouragement I would love to hear them.

Lets hope tomorrow is a happier day.


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4 thoughts on “Highs and lows of home education.

  1. Oh huns, Mondays suck for most of us, the let down from the weekend (and I don’t mean weekend in a massive party sense either!) is always hard. There is usually a mountain of housework to get through, tons of washing, and the children are always less than enthusiastic to get stuck back in to “work”, however fun you try to make it sound! However many times I try to make Monday less awful, it never works. We pretty much always have a fall out, and its pretty much always a whole load better on Tuesday.
    The cat peeing on your bed is inexcusable, I would have rung the RSPCA by now and asked for it to be rehomed! I am totally not impressed by cat wee, but on your bed is just the pits. Today was going to be a bummer from that moment on!
    As for your wee man, he is just that, a man. We women know how hard it is to understand men of any description! Small men are no different. Speaking as a long suffering mother of three little men, you just have to take the rough with the smooth. You also have to adopt a zero tolerance policy. I have constant trouble with my eldest, and it doesn’t mean that I love him any the less, but some days, I can truly say that I dislike him a lot, he is just that horrid. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling that way. We all love our children, but liking them sometimes can be pretty hard work!
    I am hoping tomorrow is a better day, I am sure it will be. See you Friday, when you can help me eat my Birthday treats xx

  2. sally

    hopefully today (assuming you are asleep at 230 am your time) will be a much better day. Sending you a hug xxx

  3. I for one appreciate your honesty, so thank you for sharing. xxx

  4. Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment it mean a lot, Sally the hug is greatly received, god knows I needed it yesterday. Liz, thank you your words were a great help. gosh men be it big or little are hard work. Julia that is okay honesty is the best policy, I love you blog by the way been reading it for a while now.

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