Where does the time go.

Well hello little blog, sorry I have neglected you for so long.

Seriously where does the time go, I never seem to have a minute to get my thoughts down on here. Like now it is 22:08 and I really should be tidying up and then going to bed but if I do that then I will not get time to blog, so I have decided that for tonight, the house work will remain unfinished and bedtime will have to wait.

What have we been up to in the last week, well we have been to see friends, looked after dogs, visited vets, seen Grandma, counted skittles, investigated new maths website and various other educational things but the most exciting of all has been a surprise 60th birthday party, planned by me and visitor a from over seas.

On Saturday we spent the day at Jimmy’s farm as they were hosting a science festival. It was fantastic, during the week I couldn’t decide whether or not to go but I am so glad we did. Its a shame Pa Pa bear was as work and couldn’t join us, but we still had fun.

There were so many different activities and talks/lectures. We didn’t actually get to sit and listen to any of the lectures as it was so busy but while other people were listening we got to experiment.

We visited the C.S.I stand where we all learnt about forensic science, Strong-man and Twinaloo 1 had their finger prints taken and Strong-man also got to use the magic finger print dust to look for finger prints.

We had a proper hands on look at different hearts, a cows heart, a pigs heart, sheep hearts and rats heart to be exact, then the lovely scientist wired Strong-man up and we were able to see his heart trace projected onto a screen.

Strong-man be wired up!

We experimented with flour that had been heat damaged.

Held and looked at many different types of bugs.

I was so brave 🙂


Learnt some fascinating facts about water and its boiling point and about how things behave when placed in a vacuum. Giant marshmallows all round!

I got shot by a blast of air. Ohh that air blaster (my terminology) was such fun and the blast could travel quite a distance.

There were stalls with Nanoparticles, stalls with rockets, stalls with birds of prey and stalls creating electricity all providing hands on activities.

We then stopped for a bit of lunch before going for a wonder in the woods, we spent so long in there, my four love the freedom to run, climb, balance, build and explore, in the end I had to drag them away.  We then had a look at all the baby animals and ended the day with a visit to the play area, poor little Twinaloo 1 got knocked over by a child not looking where she was going and landed right in a muddy puddle.

Surly this has to be the world’s biggest Hula Hoop


All four children had a fantastic time and we returned home VERY muddy and tired.

Which brings us to today.

Today we were dog sitting so headed off to the woods, we normally just amble along but today I prepared the children a check list and they had to find an object relating to the word on their list, they had to either bring the things home with them or take a picture.  We will create some sort of display with them later in the week. We ended up spending all morning roaming the woods, Strong-man and Pa Pa bear found a little box full of treasures stuffed between two tree branches and after some research I have found out it is an activity called geocaching. We are definitely going to take part in this, it is right up our street.


We then returned home and the older two completed their maths and English for the day, the little two played and thankfully the dog slept……

and just like that another day is done.


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2 thoughts on “Where does the time go.

  1. sally

    looks like fun. Very brave with the spider!

    • sally

      opps its a stick insect!!.. Libby looks like she is having fun with the snake.

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