Finally some thing to blog about.

It has been a while since I last blogged, mainly because I have had nothing much to say, lots going through my mind but nothing I felt like saying, also because, well each day here is pretty much the same as the one before it and there is only so many ways to make it sound interesting enough to type let alone read.

However yesterday we ditched the normal routine, the sun was shining  and daddy was home so we packed our bags and headed for the coast. We ended up in Walberswick  for a spot of crabbing. It was fantastic, just what we needed.

After a spot of crabbing we headed to the beach, needless to say we had it all to ourselves, a positive of home education is access to all the museums, parks, beaches etc while every one else is at school/work :-).

The most amazing sea mist swept off the sea and completely engulfed us while we were there, it was so amazing and magical, although it did make it a touch chilly.

The children ran, jumped, drew, threw stones, paddled, and just enjoyed being free, watching them, laughing and exploring, I truly felt blessed, blessed that my children get to experience a childhood that most will miss out on.

I get so caught up in what they should be doing, how much they should be learning, the old saying “if they were in school”, that some times I forget to let them just be, to experience the world, the world they are going to eventually have to go it alone in.

So it is true my older two may not know how to do some things that schooled children do, but I know for sure what my children do know will stay with them and benefit for the rest of their days.


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One thought on “Finally some thing to blog about.

  1. Hey we’ve been crabbing at Walberswick when we lived in Suffolk. Great fun. Glad you had a lovely day x

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