Fun filled days

First thank you to all the people who sent me messages about my last post.

I have managed to figure out a couple of things and they are.

This blog is going to stay public for the time being any way, however it will be more of a diary account than a bloggy blog , so some posts may seem very similar to the post before, but that’s just the way our lives are and I want a true record of our days and also to record as much as I can. I hope you will all still read, I enjoy writing and letting you have a peek into our days. I also look forward to your comments and thoughts.

I have also sorted out our new learning style, I had a talk with the children and Fairy wants to be more in control of her learning, as does Strong-man. We agreed that while Fairy is quite capable of sorting herself out Strong-man is still a bit young to completely organise himself, however I understand his need for independence and I would not want to stop him, so the solution we have come up with is, I will have a variety of topics, projects, games ect prepared for him and he can choose which ones he want to do each day. I still get to be in control enough that I don’t freak out and he gets his independence. Problem solved.  Fairy is going to tell me exactly what she is planning to achieve each day and I am allowed to offer suggestions if I feel she is spending too much time on one project (developing her own website and her cat blog) or not enough time on other projects ( maths). We are going to try this for a few weeks and see how it goes. I am hoping it will improve the flow of the day here and make for happier children and a happier in control mummy.

As for the other question I have no answers and I am not sure when I will have, it stresses me out but I am trying to live in the moment, which is something I struggle to do, enjoy the fact that we are all here, healthy and together.

Yesterday I woke up with two munchkins in my bed, I normally wake up with Twinaloo 2 in bed with me, she goes to bed in her bed but will wonder in with us at some point in the night.
I love it, snuggling up to her little body is so lovely, I really miss her on the rare occasion that she stays in her bed, Twinaloo one has always slept in her bed, she will only come in our bed for a morning cuddle or if she is ill.

Yesterday however I had the pleasure of strong-man as well. What better way is there to wake up than with your little ones smiling at you asking for a cuddle.
I know it wont be much longer, then strong -man will stop asking for a cuddle in bed, so I am enjoying these moments while I can.

The day started with our part-time doggy being dropped off and breakfast for the younger three, we then all headed, dog included up to my room for my morning run (we have a treadmill)!!!!!!

Morning run, ha not quite more of a walk/jog/crawl.

It was hard work, I am so unfit, I can’t believe I used to go to the gym 4 times a week. A shower to cool off was needed.

This was the support the children and dog gave me.

(sorry about the quality of the pic, it was taken while running, totally out of breath and on a phone camera)

Yep dog flat out asleep, children tucked up in bed watching cbeebies.

Twinaloo 2 decided that she needed to have a turn. She handled it a lot better than me!

Fairy then got up to see what on earth I was doing, she then had her breakfast while I showered and changed.

We were all outside by 10:00, super organised.

The children played in the garden while I hung out yet more washing, four children certainly do produce a lot of washing.

We then set about planting the seedlings into bigger pots.

We planted 6 strawberry plants, a blackberry bush, a Raspberry tree, 6 chilli plants, 6 lettuce plants and 6 cauliflower plants. I hope to get some carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn and broccoli in before long.

Although I can’t believe we are meant to return to colder weather, my poor seedlings have to come in each night because of the risk of frost, yet just a few days ago we were having temperatures in the high teens.

We then sorted out the bunnies and the guinea pigs before heading in to start on some learning, the older two done an hour of maths each and then an hour of English, while I did various workbooks with the Twinaloos.

I am noticing a shift in the Twinaloos learning again, a few weeks ago Twinaloo 2 was all about writing, she would trace wonderfully with Twinaloo 1 just rushing and not really bothering even though she was asking to do it. Now Twianloo 1 is loving any copy work and is really good at it, Twinaloo 2 is referring to every thing as boring, I guess she has heard a certain little man say that a few times. Twinaloo 2 has become much more hands on, cooking is a favorite of hers.

Nothing with the Twinaloos is forced if they don’t want to do any of the activities I have selected for them then they remain on their shelves until they want to do them.

Last Tuesday it was my step dads birthday, we always make our birthday cards, I always think hand made cards are far nicer than shop brought cards.

Strong-man is normally a bit hesitant to do any writing or drawing, but off her went with his paper, in true style any thing strong-man does Twinaloo 1 has to do, She then came over  and asked what she had to write, I offered to write it in pencil for her, so she could trace over it and this was her attempt.

She did so well, she was so proud of it, I then shut the card and this is the picture she had drawn.

It is her Grandad, isn’t it fantastic, she did it all by herself, the idea and the drawing was all her own.

On Saturday she asked me how to write her name, she didn’t want me to write it so she could trace it, she wanted to write it all by herself, so I wrote it on the white board and she wrote it on a piece of paper.

I love it, it is something I a going to keep forever, I still have Libby’s first drawings and writing.

Super proud Mummy moment.

Today I was meant to get up at 6:30 put kept pushing the snooze  button, Strong-man was in bed with me and he is so warm and cuddly that I didn’t want to get out.

This back fired thought when my lovely brother arrived early with Jet.

I then wanted to do some of my ‘Just Dance’ wii game, it has been put away in the cupboard for ages, which of course meant that the controllers were not charged, there goes that idea then.

We have these little fellows to watch grow,

so I wanted to print off some sheets and colouring for the munchkins to do, however the printer would not accept the new printer cartridges, so that idea went down the drain.

The bunnies then escaped from their cage and were chased round the garden by four excited but worried children.

In the end we gave up and headed off to Grandmas (after putting the bunnies back), so the Twinaloos could go to Gymnastics, nope its half term so gymnastics is not on.

No worries we will walk the doggies over the park and get some exercise, nope the dogs decide to have a barney with another dog, so back to Grandma’s we go.

Strong-man completed his first Lego build all by himself, he has built numerous creations before, but this is the first time he has followed the directions and managed to finish the build. He was very pleased with himself, as was I, patience is not his strong point.

We also made these lovely window flowers with the Twinaloos.

The only thing I did manage to do today that I set out to do was book tickets for the cinema, we are going with some friends tomorrow night, PaPa bear is working so it will just be me and the munchkins, which is fine I have taken them all on my own before, however I have not taken them at 7:20 at night which is also the Twinaloos bed time, hummm lets hope they manage to stay awake, I do not fancy carrying two not so small babies down all the cinema steps.

Last week we also managed to have our first fire pit of the year. Strong-man loves it when we agree to get the fire pit going, he is so much like my brother its unbelievable. I have many memories from my childhood of being sent in to collect things my brother could either burn or cook on a little fire he had started at the end of the garden. He would then want me to taste them, I do wonder how I never managed to get ill from eating his creations.

We roasted marshmallows, brunt sticks and warmed our bellies.

I always find it far to cold and end up tucked up in the tent in a sleeping bag, one by on the children succumb to the cold and tiredness and join me, both Twinaloos fell asleep in there tucked up in all the covers.


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One thought on “Fun filled days

  1. Sally

    Sounds like you had a great day. I look forward to reading how the independent learning is going. I am sure Libby will do fine.
    See you in 5 week now. Yeh!!

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