Hanging on by a tiny thread.

A week, a whole seven days and nights of coughing, sneezing, crying, moaning, more crying, more coughing, more moaning and very little sleep.

Oh my this is using every reserve of mumminess (yes I just made that word up) I have and I am holding on to sanity by a very tiny thread. I really can not take much more.

The Twins and I (although mine only lasted for a few days) have, for the past week had the most horrendous cough/cold/flu bug thing.

Seven nights of very little sleep, listening to coughing and crying or fetching drinks followed by trips to the loo with two very hot little girls, all while not feeling great.

Poor daddy has had to sleep on the sofa most nights. Although this now seems like the better deal.

Seven days of not being able to move without having at best one but normally two girls attached to me.

Has brought me to the point where I am pretty useless to all around me.

I need this illness to be over, I need to sleep. I need my happy girls back.




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5 thoughts on “Hanging on by a tiny thread.

  1. Sally

    Sorry to hear you have all had bugs. Big hugs coming your way!!

  2. Wishing you all better and out the other side very soon x

  3. Thanks Sally, I think (though I am not sure I should tempt fate and say it) they are on the mend. I just really need them to sleep tonight,


  4. Thank you Angela, Twin sickness is hard work, as you well know. xx

  5. sally

    hope you got sleep. Only a few weeks now and we see you all 🙂

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