Monday, Funday!

Today we have……..

sprinkled glitter,

played games,

cut paper in to tiny tiny pieces,

played more games,

hung out the washing (yay for the sunshine),

fed and watered 2 bunnies and 2 guineapigs,

put yet more washing in the washing machine (boo to the washing),

explored the garden,

collected snails,

removed slugs from seedlings (ggggrrrr naughty slugs)

watered plants (yay our strawberries are growing)

managed to arrive at home ed club on time, early infact. (yay me)

watched science experimants,

climbed hills,

rolled down hills,

ran down hills,

played with friends,

unrolled a roll of kitchen tissues (hummm)

cooked scones,


ohhhed and ahhhed at a 4 week old baby,

sat in a tree,

drank tea,

made a poster,

done some maths,

done some story writing,

read stories,

tried not to shout (naughty mummy)

climbed in the playground,

been remined to respect other peoples belongings (strong-man and Fairy)

played with the wooden farm,

played a fishing game,

had a go at ‘reading’ ,

watched cbeebies,

baked some buns,

completed some maths puzzles,

soothed tears,

cleaned cuts,

watched pretty ducks,

completed puzzles,

‘played’ on reading eggs,

and painted and built a dragon fly,

yup Monday funday.

Oh and the tiny thread I was hanging on by in the last post, thankfully didn’t break, I survived, WE survived and we are ready to laugh, learn and love another day.


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3 thoughts on “Monday, Funday!

  1. Lovely! What a busy lot you are! It was lovely to see you all today, wish we could have got to talk more though… We’ll have to meet up at the park next time the sun decides to shine like it did today and have a proper natter! 🙂

  2. That would be lovely, It was good to see everyone again. If then sun is shining and you are free give me a text (will send my number via facebook pm), if we are free we would love to meet up and have a proper natter.

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