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I sat looking at the pictures on my camera last night and realised we have been really busy lately. By we I mean, at times all six of us, normally  just 5 and very rarely just 2 of us.

It also started me thinking of things, little habits the children have and have had and grown out of, things I really don’t want to forget. Time goes so quickly and small little details that at the time are every day occurrences get forgotten. So I sat last night when I should have been sleeping and thought about the children as babies and toddlers, things they used to do and say that they have stopped doing, it amazed me the number of things they had stopped doing and I had not noticed.

I don’t want to forget these things, I want to remember all the funny, sweet little things they do. It was so long ago that Libby was little and while I remember the big things, first steps, first teeth, the fact that she hardly ever slept!!!!! I can’t really remember the small every day things.

That makes me sad.

I do have lots of videos of Libby, which I can watch to jog my mind, videos right from just after her birth up to when Cameron was born, when carrying a video camera around as well as a new baby and a toddler was tricky, the videos stopped then and life with two children took over.

The thing is how do you know what you will forget, how do you know what to record, the girls do so many things that define them, but I know one day they will stop doing some of these things, will I notice they have stopped, probably not, are they things I would like to remember, definitely. For example I didn’t realise that Twinaloo1 had stopped doing her little wiggle thing, which she does when she is in the car seat about to fall asleep. It was not until I started to think about it last night that I realised she had not done it for a while, had I  not thought last night would it be a memory that gets replaced by other more up to date memories. It’s not an important memory granted but it is something she has done since she was about a year, some thing that is personal to her, although strangely enough Twinaloo2 does a variation of the wiggle.

How do I catch these memories, I guess the only way is to write them down, so That is what I will do.

Any way back to the reason for this post, moments caught on Camera from the last few weeks.

A sleeping Twinaloo2

Twinaloo1 drawing on the white board.

Grandma gives the Twinaloos a haircut.

Mummy paints the Twinaloos faces,

Daddies Birthday.

Twinaloo 1 ‘reading’

Collecting sticks for Jet.

The back of Uncle Paul’s house. (so wish it was mine)

Climbing uncle Paul’s trees.

The weekend came and fed up of staying in due to all the rain, we put on our waterproof clothes and went to explore the park, needless to say we were the only one there.


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3 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Ah Love the Birthday Cake in Bed memory x

  2. Jemma wills

    Thank you very much for the lovely comment you left on my blog about my expectant twins. I think fear of the unknown is a big part of it! I shall look forward to following your adventures too x

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