Memories ~ Cameron

To be added to over time…………

You pooed as soon as you were born, all over the midwife and mummy,

It took you a while to realise how to suck, you would just sit with my breast in your mouth and wait.

Your skin kept pealing becasue you were so late, you really were like a old man.

You slept right through your first night.

My hand was the length of your whole arm , from your wrist to your arm pit, I used to hold your arm listening to you breathing while you slept beside me in your mosses basket.

You had to have a blanket completely over your head to go to sleep.

You loved to make people laugh you had an expression you pulled that would have us in fits,

People could not help but smile at you and you always smiled back

You called Grandma, Bam Bam, even when you could say grandma you called her Bam Bam, I don’t remember when you stopped, I wish I did and we have no idea where you got it from.

You hated to be held to go to sleep, we had to lay you down.

You loved to suck metal, keys, watches any thing,

You loved absolutely loved skin to skin contact with me, if I was changing or if you saw my tummy, we had to stop what we were doing and you would lay on my bare skin. You would stay like this for as long as time would allow. You called my tummy ‘your tummy’.

You loved to suck your food, you would put a miffme on each shoulder and rub. We have a video of you doing this, it is so sweet.

Your Miffme’s had to be cold, if they got to hot you would spin them round your head to cool them down.

You used to bounce up and down when you were excited or deep in a game or concentrating, just like Daddy did when he was young. We called it your scudadel.

You slept though our whole wedding service and most of the reception, so you are not in any wedding pictures.

You ask questions all the time, questions about any thing and everything

You love to learn about God

You will go into the hall or behind Grandmas sofa to play with your toys,

If you are alone with an adult, you talk non stop, literally non stop.

You sleep inside you duvet,

You really dislike potatoes and always have done, if you are going to eat them you have to have a seperate fork to eat them with and they have to have tomato sauce on, it is the only time you will eat tomato sauce.

You hate butter.

You love fruit, you always have,

You used to sit with your feet up through the front of the high chair not through the leg holes.

At the age of 2 you went up on stage to play a word game while we were on holiday.

You had a little bent nose when you were born, confirming that we would call you what we did.

You over explain every thing

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