24/05/2012, Yesterday and last week

The sun is shining, finally the sun has decided to warm our little part of the world.

We have spent our sunny afternoon at Bramford river, it’s a place we visit often, a great place to take 4 energetic children and a dog, it has everything the munchkins love, open spaces for running, wooded areas for climbing and a river to paddle in.  The dog enjoys all these things as well.

As it was so warm today we ventured into the water,not deep but deep enough to be exciting for the twins and bearable for PaPa,  he is not good with the girls around water. Worries far too much.

The cold water was a welcome relief for a panting dog and three hot children.

Twinaloo 2 spotted a newt in the water and I was able to catch it so we could take a closer look.

The girls loved the little mud puddle they created and spent ages covering their feet in mud and then washing it off in the water. I had a go too it felt lovely, all that cool mud squelching through my toes.

My flip flops broke whilst walking in the river, so I had to hobble back to the car in bare feet, the twinaloos got so wet and muddy that they had to strip off , so shoeless and with two naked twinaloos we headed home.

The river and surrounding wood looked so different from the last time we visited, with all the rain we had and now this warm weather the weeds/plants/trees have sprung up everywhere.

A lovely afternoon although I do wish this warm weather would have been present last week as we were away for the week with Family. Last week it rained nearly every day. But we still had fun.

My sister came with us, which caused great excitement for the twins, as they got to spend a week with their cousins, it had been 2 years since my sisters children and the twins had seen each other, but it was like they had never been apart, it was so lovely to see them play together.

Grandma, Grandad and Rita came along for the week, my brother, his Fiancée and Pa Pa  sadly, had to return to work, so left early. –

It was a lovely week, we had many laughs both with the children and without, a lot of noise came from our Caravan at times. A lot of noise in a small place.

It was sad saying goodbye to my sister, niece and nephew on sunday, knowing it will probably be another two years before we see them again. Canada is just too far to pop for a cup of tea.

Pictures from our holiday week.

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2 thoughts on “24/05/2012, Yesterday and last week

  1. sally

    love the pictures. cant wait to see you all again.. but given the distance..may be a while in person 😦

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