How did that happen?

When I wrote the blog post undecided,  we had been looking on and off for a house for three years, there had been a few we loved, a farm-house at Badingham was something that made me smile just standing looking at it, it did cause us a lot of worry though and at one point we did phone the estate agents and withdraw our application, but we both loved the house and decided to go for it. In the end the landlady went with other tenants, then there was a house called rose cottage, I loved the fact that this house had a separate, although joined, area with wash facilities, I started dreaming of making this area into our work space. Again there were things about the house that fell short of what we were after, the fact that the 3 bedrooms were tiny and two of which were linked was a big draw back. We decided to apply for the house though, but again the landlord after a month of waiting decided to go with other tenants. I decided to stop looking after this, over the years we have had so much bad luck when it comes to houses, both buying and renting and it was starting to get me down.

However at the beginning of the month I stumbled upon a house, a house that crept up on us, a house that feels like  it was waiting for us, a house that was right for us even if we didn’t know it.  It was a strange feeling and I am still not really sure why we decided to view it, to be honest, I was convinced I wouldn’t like it as was Jason, even the drive up to the house annoyed me.  After seeing it we left and we didn’t really know what to say to each other. So we left it. The next day the estate agent phoned, this has never happened before, every property we have seen, that has been rented, has never had a follow up call. The estate agent said she had another viewing and did we want to see the house again. Jason was at work and could not go so I went with my mum, I walked through the door and this time I saw the house, I saw the possibilities that I had missed the day before.

To cut a long story short, we went for the house, we were accepted right away, there was a bit of a hold up with our present landlord but that got sorted.

This morning we were emailed our contract to read through and had confirmation that the house was ours.

It all feels like it all happened so quickly, without me having to do any thing.

The most amazing thing about this house is that it has every thing I prayed for. We have not had to choose between a big garden or extra space inside because it has both. There is space for me to grow veg, have chickens, space for the children to run, an extra room downstairs for all the home ed stuff and an extra utility room. It feels to good to be true.

There is one downside to moving though, it would have happened where ever we moved, unless we stayed in Ipswich. I try not to think about it because when I do it makes me really upset. I am not really sure how I will feel when we have moved and he is missing from our lives, sure we will still get to see him, but noting like we do know, at the moment we have him three or four days a week, we have done since he was a puppy. Obviously I am talking about Jet, now before anyone reading this thinks for gods sake he is just a dog, there is something I want you to understand.

The dopey, loveable ball of black, has healed and helped me in so many was, at the start of last year I was very very depressed, I didn’t want to leave the house, I really hated myself, I wanted to escape, I was sadder than I have ever been, not wanting to tell any one I tried to carry on, I am not sure if those close to me knew how sad I was, I think my mum and Jason figured I was struggling but I don’t think they know how bad I really was. Then along came Jet, a puppy that was not even meant to join my brother’s family, he was one of a litter born to my brothers accountant in October 2010, he was the last puppy, the one no one wanted, the accountant asked my brother to have him, my brothers fiancée begged my brother to have him, but my brother already has two dogs and didn’t feel he had the time for another, time passed and Jet still didn’t have an owner, then just as my brother was considering having him, an owner was found, a few weeks later the man who was meant to take Jet had a heart attack and obviously was not able to take him. My brother stepped in and Jet joined their family.

So when my brother returned to work at the start of 2011 he needed some one to have Jet, I was consumed by my depression and didn’t give it a second thought to offer to have him, so he went to my mum for a while, Fairy kept on and on at me to offer to have him, so eventually I did. I called my brother and said if he needed I would have Jet. Thank god I did and Thank god my brother let us look after him.

With Jet around I felt calmer, I felt needed, but most importantly he got me out of the house, when all I wanted to do was lock myself in the bathroom and cry he was there, tail wagging needing to be walked. He got me out of the house and I started to feel a little happier, he was always so pleased to see me, he made me feel loved and it was just what I needed. I called him my therapy dog, because that is what he was for me he made me better.

So for a year and a half  we have been looking after him, he has been here healing me,he comes every where with us, he is the most amazing dog, he is soft-hearted, so dopey, very protective, he has a love for the children that just oozes from him, I trust him with every ounce of my body, he has the most loving eyes and I/we love him.

He is a real part of this family and we will miss him so very much.


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4 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. I love all animals but we don’t have any pets. I grew up with a huge dog – an Irish Wolfhound so I am comfortable with dogs but I’m not bothered about having any pets although I would have cats again if we settled. I can think of so many reasons why I would never have a dog and even talk about how annoyed I feel with some owners of dogs here the UK however, you have just given me my first reason as to why having a dog is such a good thing. You and Jet were obviously made for each other when you both needed someone and I’m sorry you’re going to miss him x Congratulations and good luck with the move x

  2. Hi Angela

    I also get very annoyed with other dog owners, both those who seem to think it is okay to just leave their dog to wonder the park by its self while they stand chatting and those who leave their dogs poo every where. I am often moaning to the children about other dog owners, so I know how you feel.

    Thank you for your kind words, he is such a special doggy, I am not looking forward to packing but we all need this move.

    Take care xxxx

  3. sally

    Yeh, the house has been confirmed. I am sure you will still get to see Jet. Perhaps Paul will decide after a while that he can come for doggy holidays to your new house :-).
    although I know its hard you must try and reach out to family if you are feeling depressed again. Believe me, I know it does help as often the circumstances that are causing you to feel blue can be alieviated by those that love you.
    look forward to chatting next week when I am back in canada
    love and hugs

    • Hopefully I will not feel that way again any time soon. But I know what you mean, I should ask for help when I really need it. How is Spain and how are my lovely Niece and Nephew?, I had a dream that you guys all came back to my mums because you all hated Spain, was very bizarre I must say.

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