On this blog my four lovelys are known as Strong-man, Fairy and the Twinaloos. I decided to keep there real names out of this blog because I didn’t want what I write about them to come back to haunt them when they were older.

However nearly everyone that reads this blog knows me, therefore knows the real names of my children, there are a few people whom I don’t know, who have either liked a blog post or signed up for email updates, people I guess who stumble onto this blog and can either relate with what I am saying or are simply just interested.

Remembering to type there ‘screen’ name while blogging is actually rather difficult, it is normally something I have to remember to change once I have finished.

I have decided to drop the ‘screen’ names and use their real names which will be much easier for my tired brain.

Although it has to be said in real life I often get their names mixed up, some days even their gender, the curse of having lots of children.

So I would like to introduce you to……..

Libby (who is actually now 11 years old)


Imogen (Twinaloo 1)

and last but by no means least

My little Madeline Rose (Twinaloo 2).


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2 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. sally

    ah ha…now Uncle Paul can be Uncle Paul…lol… no need to think of a good pseudenem (or however you spell that)

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