27/05/12 Purple Hair

I have purple hair.

On Friday I went to the hair dressers with brown hair and came out with purple, well more, red/ purple.

This was not really my first choice or colour, I wanted a plum colour, a deep purple I guess, but the Hairdresser talked me round and I love it, it will take some getting used to though.

It is very different to any thing I have ever had, I am quite radical with my hair, I will at the last minute book an appointment and just change the style completely, although I have never changed the colour, so this is a first for me, I really wish I would have done it sooner.

I guess its good to be different, I am not one for following the crowd.

Late Thursday afternoon we ventured to the beach, just a last minute thing, we all wanted to go out and with this lovely warm weather the beach seemed like a good place. So we packed our bags,grabbed a disposable BBQ and headed to Southwold. 

We had a fantastic afternoon/evening, the older two and Pa Pa ventured into the sea while the twins and I played in the sun.

The children then played their own little games, some times all of them together but mostly the older two together and the little two together.

We then set up the BBQ and had a little feast on the beach, we stayed for quite a while just enjoying being together. 

We finally got home at 8:00 with four very sandy, tired, happy children.


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