The last few days.

Saturday was another lovely warm, dare I say it Hot day here, Daddy was working so we ambled long at home for the morning then ventured out to my brothers in the afternoon, to pick up some tiles and drain pipe. The children want to have a go at mosaics and with this warmer weather I wanted to make them a water run type thing for the garden. I also picked up some cardboard boxes, so I can start packing the things we are not using.

Libby stayed at Grandma and Grandad’s for the night, only having three children to look after is so much easier than four, I remember when only having one was a challenge.

The children spent all day Sunday cleaning out Grandad’s pond.

Obviously pond cleaning is best undertaken in your under pants.

Various wildlife was found.

including two newts and lot and lots of tadpoles

Lots of frogs

Dragon fly and Dragon fly nymph

and finally 10 fish

Hummm, Monday, another one of those days when every one is tired and grumpy and nothing goes to plan. We did make it too the park with Jet. The rest is best forgotten.

Yesterday poor Madeline had terrible diarrhea and slept for most of the day, meaning we missed out on a BBQ with our friends, which was a real shame, we were all really looking forward to it.

Thankfully she is much better today.


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