I have boxes that are packed and taped, boxes that are half packed and boxes waiting to be packed. It’s very exciting,  just a little messy.

I have Cameron’s room completely packed, he is now sleeping  on his mattress in the girls room, which is causing great excitement, not the best solution for bedtime but never mind.

The girls room is almost done, just their bunk beds and a wardrobe to sort out. I keep thinking I have loads of time but we have only got 3 weekends until we move, which means three uninterrupted packing days, the deep clean of the house that used to happen while the children were at Grandma and Grandads on a sunday has been ditched in favour of packing, equally as stimulating though!

I am so excited about moving, I keep logging on to the estate agents website and looking at the pictures of the house, planning what will go where.

Today we started our study on the Queen, It went well considering it involved a fair bit of writing, not something Cameron enjoys, I am sure he thought I was trying to torture him at one point. That boy is so fantastic, he is a mirror of me  when I was younger, I can now see what my mum had to enjoy. The older two also spent an Hour (ish) on their maths. The sun kept calling them outside though so we stopped there and went to walk Jet.

While sitting at the table eating my lunch I over heard the Twins playing in the garden, it went a little like this,

“what is that”

“oh I think it is sick, I think they were sick”‘

At which point I get up to see exactly what the twins have found.  As I was walking up to them, Madeline hears me and turns round
all serious and says,

“Oh its okay my slugs have been sick.’

Well how do you reply to that.I have no idea where that came from, they are so funny, I love the things they come out with, the little games they play.The other day when we were cooking, I said to Imogen “are you licking the bowl again? “she replied with “no I am not, I am just cleaning it with my tongue”  an answer for everything that girl.

One last thing before pictures, thank you for all the private messages and comments people sent regarding my last post, I feel I should just say that, that post was written from a happy place, by that I mean I was not feeling fed up or even slightly depressed, days like that don’t happen very often, but they do happen and I was just brain storming, trying to find solutions to problems. Angela summed up exactly what I was trying to achieve with that post when she left a comment saying, The most positive thing we can do I feel is to be honest with ourselves and look for solutions and recognise that we can only do our best and even we mums need some space and time. 

So I am sorry if I gave any one the impression that I was having a hard time, while this journey of ours is hard and so very tiring, I absolutely love what we are doing, I believe we are doing the right thing for our children and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you again for all your nice comments though.

The last few days in pictures.

Reading to his little sister.
My butterfly lavender has finally recovered after being moved and replanted 2 years ago.
Cookie decorating
A day at Uncle Paul’s and Aunty Liz’s
Feeding the goats with Aunty Liz
Cameron cuts the grass
Egg shells we found in the back field.
Jet looking after Madeline while she was poorly. ( notice the pink teddy, Paul!!!)
A walk in the park
Mr Jetsi
Look at that face.
If there is a tree he will climb it.
looking at nature
Imogen finds another use for the boxes.
A horsey ride on Uncle Paul
Madeline rose
Performing for their tea.
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