Almost there.

We have been busy, busy packing, busy learning and busy living.

This is the start of our last week in this house, when we came here the girls were Six months old and we had just started our Home education journey, oh my how things have changed.

The girls are a little bit worried about moving, fear of the unknown I guess.

We pick up the keys on Friday and hand these keys back a few days later.

Sometimes, time seems to be flying by but then at other times it seems to drag.

However by the end of next week we will no longer live in our birth town, we are moving forward, slowly getting to where we want to be, looking forward to the future with great excitement.

I still have lots to sort out, but all in good time.

While we have been busy packing the raspberries, strawberries and tadpoles have been growing. We now have a bucket full of froglets and home-grown strawberries and raspberries.

Cameron informs me these are the best tasting strawberries ever!

Our baby frogs, so tiny

a few still have their tails.

The first of our raspberries

with a promise of more to come.


On Wednesday the children were asking to go to the park and as the sun was shining we could see no reason not to. We chose a park  close by, with a pool and grabbed our towels and headed out.

Crazy hair

Why wear one swim suit when you can wear two.

We had so much fun, after the park we went in search of dishwashers, not quite so much fun, then ended the day with a walk along the beach.

Cameron took a picture of me and my twinaloos and as pictures of me are very rare on here or any where to be truthful, I thought I would add it. Not sure why the feather duster is making an appearance though.


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