32 little days

32 days ago we thought moving with four children, two cats, two bunnies and two guinea pigs was the only drama in store for us.

Boy were we wrong.

So much has happen in those 32 days.

32 days ago we spent the first night in our new house. The house we all love, the house which will have its own post, soon.

27 days ago we left our new home and went camping.

20 days ago we returned home.

18 days ago We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

17 days ago Cameron suffered an asthma attack and had to be taken to hospital at 5:30 in the morning. My poor little man.

17 days ago my Grandad suddenly died. Not getting to say goodbye is hard.

14 days ago,with close family we celebrated my little man’s 8th birthday.

12 days ago surrounded by friends and family we had a party for my only boy.

10 days ago I prayed for life to settle down and for us to find a new rhythm.

5 days ago I took the first step in the right direction for us and deleted my Facebook account.

2 days ago we got to spend the whole day with Jet, words can not describe how much we have missed him.

2 days ago we had to say goodbye to Jet, heart-break all over again.

2 days ago I upset my brother.

1 day ago I got to go for a meal with my fantastic husband.

32 little days, every day different, every day with its struggles, but every day full of love.






























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