June, July and August


June zoomed by, while sorting out books for the new house, I came across a horse and pony book, of course Madeline had to have it, given she was already wearing a riding hat, I think it was a pretty good find.


We started off the month by visiting southwold Maize maze. It was a lovely day, the children were given cards to stamp, which the girls and Cameron enjoyed.  The half way mark was the big bridge and from the top you could see for miles, although being so small whilst in the maze all the girls could see was maize, Cameron enjoyed the map reading, although we had to rely on Daddy to get us out.


With Daddy directing we soon escaped the maze and went to have some fun on the playground.

The bouncy pillow was lots of fun!


although rather tiring it would seem.



As always refreshments were soon needed, the girls were adamant that they would go and get the water by themselves, Cameron went to lend a helping hand, such confidence.



There were also tractors and go carts to ride on and a sand pit to dig in and slide to whiz down.

A great day out.

Some time during July the grass needed cutting, as always Daddy was never short of helping hands.



One of the many things we are admiring since moving here is the evening sky’s

Simply amazing, such bright colours, makes me stop and thank God for such beauty.

Finally, I managed to get sorted with one of the activities I saw on another blog.  Ice building and destroying. A simple activity with lots of learning.


Imogen loved it, Madeline not so much. she had more fun throwing the sawdust into the air and watching it float down.

The chimneys got swept,






The wedding.

It was a lovely day, of  course it all went to fast.

The flower girls


The page boy


The bride and groom


Jet stayed for the weekend


it was fantastic fun and got us out and about every day.

We went exploring on Tuesday, down a near by foot path and to our little village pond. Then to the JCB depot to see the big diggers and tractors.


10 ducklings!

Today, a tiny baby newt found by Cameron and called Newton.


Garden news

I am hoping to get the raised beds sorted soon as Uncle has said this is a good time to get them ready and prepare the soil.

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, and the blackberry bushes that line the garden are now starting to turn.


My beautiful flowers from the stall down the road.






There is beauty all around, I must remember to slow down and open my eyes.









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