About us

We are a home educating family who live in suffolk, England. We started home educating our children in 2009 when our children were 8,4 and 6 months, after a long and horrible school episode.

We have two cats two guineapigs and a hamster but would love a Dog, chickens, a cow, a horse, a pig and a sheep and possibly a goat. Unless you ask Fairy and then the list would be endless.

We live in a 3 bedroom terrace but would love a little cottage with a bit of land to grow our own food and house our animals.

I have started this blog mainly because Fairy has been wanting me to do one for as long as I can remember but also because I want to record our days, I want to find the good in each day and record it, so when life is difficult and I feel like locking myself in the bathroom with a bar of chocolate (Oh! you don’t do that) I can come here and see its not so bad. It will also be nice for our family who live many miles away to see what we are getting up to.


3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Sally

    Great idea sis. We are looking forward to reading how things are going. Makes me think (though possibly not yet action…LOL) about restarting our blog. Like our photographs in the house, seems to have stopped at about Charlotte being 6 months old… I`m updating the photos now.. so you never know.

  2. also we have two rabbits and a fish! – fairy

  3. Thank you Fairy for the up date. xxx

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