On this blog my four lovelys are known as Strong-man, Fairy and the Twinaloos. I decided to keep there real names out of this blog because I didn’t want what I write about them to come back to haunt them when they were older.

However nearly everyone that reads this blog knows me, therefore knows the real names of my children, there are a few people whom I don’t know, who have either liked a blog post or signed up for email updates, people I guess who stumble onto this blog and can either relate with what I am saying or are simply just interested.

Remembering to type there ‘screen’ name while blogging is actually rather difficult, it is normally something I have to remember to change once I have finished.

I have decided to drop the ‘screen’ names and use their real names which will be much easier for my tired brain.

Although it has to be said in real life I often get their names mixed up, some days even their gender, the curse of having lots of children.

So I would like to introduce you to……..

Libby (who is actually now 11 years old)


Imogen (Twinaloo 1)

and last but by no means least

My little Madeline Rose (Twinaloo 2).


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How did that happen?

When I wrote the blog post undecided,  we had been looking on and off for a house for three years, there had been a few we loved, a farm-house at Badingham was something that made me smile just standing looking at it, it did cause us a lot of worry though and at one point we did phone the estate agents and withdraw our application, but we both loved the house and decided to go for it. In the end the landlady went with other tenants, then there was a house called rose cottage, I loved the fact that this house had a separate, although joined, area with wash facilities, I started dreaming of making this area into our work space. Again there were things about the house that fell short of what we were after, the fact that the 3 bedrooms were tiny and two of which were linked was a big draw back. We decided to apply for the house though, but again the landlord after a month of waiting decided to go with other tenants. I decided to stop looking after this, over the years we have had so much bad luck when it comes to houses, both buying and renting and it was starting to get me down.

However at the beginning of the month I stumbled upon a house, a house that crept up on us, a house that feels like  it was waiting for us, a house that was right for us even if we didn’t know it.  It was a strange feeling and I am still not really sure why we decided to view it, to be honest, I was convinced I wouldn’t like it as was Jason, even the drive up to the house annoyed me.  After seeing it we left and we didn’t really know what to say to each other. So we left it. The next day the estate agent phoned, this has never happened before, every property we have seen, that has been rented, has never had a follow up call. The estate agent said she had another viewing and did we want to see the house again. Jason was at work and could not go so I went with my mum, I walked through the door and this time I saw the house, I saw the possibilities that I had missed the day before.

To cut a long story short, we went for the house, we were accepted right away, there was a bit of a hold up with our present landlord but that got sorted.

This morning we were emailed our contract to read through and had confirmation that the house was ours.

It all feels like it all happened so quickly, without me having to do any thing.

The most amazing thing about this house is that it has every thing I prayed for. We have not had to choose between a big garden or extra space inside because it has both. There is space for me to grow veg, have chickens, space for the children to run, an extra room downstairs for all the home ed stuff and an extra utility room. It feels to good to be true.

There is one downside to moving though, it would have happened where ever we moved, unless we stayed in Ipswich. I try not to think about it because when I do it makes me really upset. I am not really sure how I will feel when we have moved and he is missing from our lives, sure we will still get to see him, but noting like we do know, at the moment we have him three or four days a week, we have done since he was a puppy. Obviously I am talking about Jet, now before anyone reading this thinks for gods sake he is just a dog, there is something I want you to understand.

The dopey, loveable ball of black, has healed and helped me in so many was, at the start of last year I was very very depressed, I didn’t want to leave the house, I really hated myself, I wanted to escape, I was sadder than I have ever been, not wanting to tell any one I tried to carry on, I am not sure if those close to me knew how sad I was, I think my mum and Jason figured I was struggling but I don’t think they know how bad I really was. Then along came Jet, a puppy that was not even meant to join my brother’s family, he was one of a litter born to my brothers accountant in October 2010, he was the last puppy, the one no one wanted, the accountant asked my brother to have him, my brothers fiancée begged my brother to have him, but my brother already has two dogs and didn’t feel he had the time for another, time passed and Jet still didn’t have an owner, then just as my brother was considering having him, an owner was found, a few weeks later the man who was meant to take Jet had a heart attack and obviously was not able to take him. My brother stepped in and Jet joined their family.

So when my brother returned to work at the start of 2011 he needed some one to have Jet, I was consumed by my depression and didn’t give it a second thought to offer to have him, so he went to my mum for a while, Fairy kept on and on at me to offer to have him, so eventually I did. I called my brother and said if he needed I would have Jet. Thank god I did and Thank god my brother let us look after him.

With Jet around I felt calmer, I felt needed, but most importantly he got me out of the house, when all I wanted to do was lock myself in the bathroom and cry he was there, tail wagging needing to be walked. He got me out of the house and I started to feel a little happier, he was always so pleased to see me, he made me feel loved and it was just what I needed. I called him my therapy dog, because that is what he was for me he made me better.

So for a year and a half  we have been looking after him, he has been here healing me,he comes every where with us, he is the most amazing dog, he is soft-hearted, so dopey, very protective, he has a love for the children that just oozes from him, I trust him with every ounce of my body, he has the most loving eyes and I/we love him.

He is a real part of this family and we will miss him so very much.


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24/05/2012, Yesterday and last week

The sun is shining, finally the sun has decided to warm our little part of the world.

We have spent our sunny afternoon at Bramford river, it’s a place we visit often, a great place to take 4 energetic children and a dog, it has everything the munchkins love, open spaces for running, wooded areas for climbing and a river to paddle in.  The dog enjoys all these things as well.

As it was so warm today we ventured into the water,not deep but deep enough to be exciting for the twins and bearable for PaPa,  he is not good with the girls around water. Worries far too much.

The cold water was a welcome relief for a panting dog and three hot children.

Twinaloo 2 spotted a newt in the water and I was able to catch it so we could take a closer look.

The girls loved the little mud puddle they created and spent ages covering their feet in mud and then washing it off in the water. I had a go too it felt lovely, all that cool mud squelching through my toes.

My flip flops broke whilst walking in the river, so I had to hobble back to the car in bare feet, the twinaloos got so wet and muddy that they had to strip off , so shoeless and with two naked twinaloos we headed home.

The river and surrounding wood looked so different from the last time we visited, with all the rain we had and now this warm weather the weeds/plants/trees have sprung up everywhere.

A lovely afternoon although I do wish this warm weather would have been present last week as we were away for the week with Family. Last week it rained nearly every day. But we still had fun.

My sister came with us, which caused great excitement for the twins, as they got to spend a week with their cousins, it had been 2 years since my sisters children and the twins had seen each other, but it was like they had never been apart, it was so lovely to see them play together.

Grandma, Grandad and Rita came along for the week, my brother, his Fiancée and Pa Pa  sadly, had to return to work, so left early. –

It was a lovely week, we had many laughs both with the children and without, a lot of noise came from our Caravan at times. A lot of noise in a small place.

It was sad saying goodbye to my sister, niece and nephew on sunday, knowing it will probably be another two years before we see them again. Canada is just too far to pop for a cup of tea.

Pictures from our holiday week.

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Memories ~ Cameron

To be added to over time…………

You pooed as soon as you were born, all over the midwife and mummy,

It took you a while to realise how to suck, you would just sit with my breast in your mouth and wait.

Your skin kept pealing becasue you were so late, you really were like a old man.

You slept right through your first night.

My hand was the length of your whole arm , from your wrist to your arm pit, I used to hold your arm listening to you breathing while you slept beside me in your mosses basket.

You had to have a blanket completely over your head to go to sleep.

You loved to make people laugh you had an expression you pulled that would have us in fits,

People could not help but smile at you and you always smiled back

You called Grandma, Bam Bam, even when you could say grandma you called her Bam Bam, I don’t remember when you stopped, I wish I did and we have no idea where you got it from.

You hated to be held to go to sleep, we had to lay you down.

You loved to suck metal, keys, watches any thing,

You loved absolutely loved skin to skin contact with me, if I was changing or if you saw my tummy, we had to stop what we were doing and you would lay on my bare skin. You would stay like this for as long as time would allow. You called my tummy ‘your tummy’.

You loved to suck your food, you would put a miffme on each shoulder and rub. We have a video of you doing this, it is so sweet.

Your Miffme’s had to be cold, if they got to hot you would spin them round your head to cool them down.

You used to bounce up and down when you were excited or deep in a game or concentrating, just like Daddy did when he was young. We called it your scudadel.

You slept though our whole wedding service and most of the reception, so you are not in any wedding pictures.

You ask questions all the time, questions about any thing and everything

You love to learn about God

You will go into the hall or behind Grandmas sofa to play with your toys,

If you are alone with an adult, you talk non stop, literally non stop.

You sleep inside you duvet,

You really dislike potatoes and always have done, if you are going to eat them you have to have a seperate fork to eat them with and they have to have tomato sauce on, it is the only time you will eat tomato sauce.

You hate butter.

You love fruit, you always have,

You used to sit with your feet up through the front of the high chair not through the leg holes.

At the age of 2 you went up on stage to play a word game while we were on holiday.

You had a little bent nose when you were born, confirming that we would call you what we did.

You over explain every thing

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This and that

I sat looking at the pictures on my camera last night and realised we have been really busy lately. By we I mean, at times all six of us, normally  just 5 and very rarely just 2 of us.

It also started me thinking of things, little habits the children have and have had and grown out of, things I really don’t want to forget. Time goes so quickly and small little details that at the time are every day occurrences get forgotten. So I sat last night when I should have been sleeping and thought about the children as babies and toddlers, things they used to do and say that they have stopped doing, it amazed me the number of things they had stopped doing and I had not noticed.

I don’t want to forget these things, I want to remember all the funny, sweet little things they do. It was so long ago that Libby was little and while I remember the big things, first steps, first teeth, the fact that she hardly ever slept!!!!! I can’t really remember the small every day things.

That makes me sad.

I do have lots of videos of Libby, which I can watch to jog my mind, videos right from just after her birth up to when Cameron was born, when carrying a video camera around as well as a new baby and a toddler was tricky, the videos stopped then and life with two children took over.

The thing is how do you know what you will forget, how do you know what to record, the girls do so many things that define them, but I know one day they will stop doing some of these things, will I notice they have stopped, probably not, are they things I would like to remember, definitely. For example I didn’t realise that Twinaloo1 had stopped doing her little wiggle thing, which she does when she is in the car seat about to fall asleep. It was not until I started to think about it last night that I realised she had not done it for a while, had I  not thought last night would it be a memory that gets replaced by other more up to date memories. It’s not an important memory granted but it is something she has done since she was about a year, some thing that is personal to her, although strangely enough Twinaloo2 does a variation of the wiggle.

How do I catch these memories, I guess the only way is to write them down, so That is what I will do.

Any way back to the reason for this post, moments caught on Camera from the last few weeks.

A sleeping Twinaloo2

Twinaloo1 drawing on the white board.

Grandma gives the Twinaloos a haircut.

Mummy paints the Twinaloos faces,

Daddies Birthday.

Twinaloo 1 ‘reading’

Collecting sticks for Jet.

The back of Uncle Paul’s house. (so wish it was mine)

Climbing uncle Paul’s trees.

The weekend came and fed up of staying in due to all the rain, we put on our waterproof clothes and went to explore the park, needless to say we were the only one there.


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Monday, Funday!

Today we have……..

sprinkled glitter,

played games,

cut paper in to tiny tiny pieces,

played more games,

hung out the washing (yay for the sunshine),

fed and watered 2 bunnies and 2 guineapigs,

put yet more washing in the washing machine (boo to the washing),

explored the garden,

collected snails,

removed slugs from seedlings (ggggrrrr naughty slugs)

watered plants (yay our strawberries are growing)

managed to arrive at home ed club on time, early infact. (yay me)

watched science experimants,

climbed hills,

rolled down hills,

ran down hills,

played with friends,

unrolled a roll of kitchen tissues (hummm)

cooked scones,


ohhhed and ahhhed at a 4 week old baby,

sat in a tree,

drank tea,

made a poster,

done some maths,

done some story writing,

read stories,

tried not to shout (naughty mummy)

climbed in the playground,

been remined to respect other peoples belongings (strong-man and Fairy)

played with the wooden farm,

played a fishing game,

had a go at ‘reading’ ,

watched cbeebies,

baked some buns,

completed some maths puzzles,

soothed tears,

cleaned cuts,

watched pretty ducks,

completed puzzles,

‘played’ on reading eggs,

and painted and built a dragon fly,

yup Monday funday.

Oh and the tiny thread I was hanging on by in the last post, thankfully didn’t break, I survived, WE survived and we are ready to laugh, learn and love another day.


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Hanging on by a tiny thread.

A week, a whole seven days and nights of coughing, sneezing, crying, moaning, more crying, more coughing, more moaning and very little sleep.

Oh my this is using every reserve of mumminess (yes I just made that word up) I have and I am holding on to sanity by a very tiny thread. I really can not take much more.

The Twins and I (although mine only lasted for a few days) have, for the past week had the most horrendous cough/cold/flu bug thing.

Seven nights of very little sleep, listening to coughing and crying or fetching drinks followed by trips to the loo with two very hot little girls, all while not feeling great.

Poor daddy has had to sleep on the sofa most nights. Although this now seems like the better deal.

Seven days of not being able to move without having at best one but normally two girls attached to me.

Has brought me to the point where I am pretty useless to all around me.

I need this illness to be over, I need to sleep. I need my happy girls back.




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A new tab

I forgot to mention about the extra tab, Random pics, I added it so that I had some where to store all our ‘other’ pics.


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Fun filled days

First thank you to all the people who sent me messages about my last post.

I have managed to figure out a couple of things and they are.

This blog is going to stay public for the time being any way, however it will be more of a diary account than a bloggy blog , so some posts may seem very similar to the post before, but that’s just the way our lives are and I want a true record of our days and also to record as much as I can. I hope you will all still read, I enjoy writing and letting you have a peek into our days. I also look forward to your comments and thoughts.

I have also sorted out our new learning style, I had a talk with the children and Fairy wants to be more in control of her learning, as does Strong-man. We agreed that while Fairy is quite capable of sorting herself out Strong-man is still a bit young to completely organise himself, however I understand his need for independence and I would not want to stop him, so the solution we have come up with is, I will have a variety of topics, projects, games ect prepared for him and he can choose which ones he want to do each day. I still get to be in control enough that I don’t freak out and he gets his independence. Problem solved.  Fairy is going to tell me exactly what she is planning to achieve each day and I am allowed to offer suggestions if I feel she is spending too much time on one project (developing her own website and her cat blog) or not enough time on other projects ( maths). We are going to try this for a few weeks and see how it goes. I am hoping it will improve the flow of the day here and make for happier children and a happier in control mummy.

As for the other question I have no answers and I am not sure when I will have, it stresses me out but I am trying to live in the moment, which is something I struggle to do, enjoy the fact that we are all here, healthy and together.

Yesterday I woke up with two munchkins in my bed, I normally wake up with Twinaloo 2 in bed with me, she goes to bed in her bed but will wonder in with us at some point in the night.
I love it, snuggling up to her little body is so lovely, I really miss her on the rare occasion that she stays in her bed, Twinaloo one has always slept in her bed, she will only come in our bed for a morning cuddle or if she is ill.

Yesterday however I had the pleasure of strong-man as well. What better way is there to wake up than with your little ones smiling at you asking for a cuddle.
I know it wont be much longer, then strong -man will stop asking for a cuddle in bed, so I am enjoying these moments while I can.

The day started with our part-time doggy being dropped off and breakfast for the younger three, we then all headed, dog included up to my room for my morning run (we have a treadmill)!!!!!!

Morning run, ha not quite more of a walk/jog/crawl.

It was hard work, I am so unfit, I can’t believe I used to go to the gym 4 times a week. A shower to cool off was needed.

This was the support the children and dog gave me.

(sorry about the quality of the pic, it was taken while running, totally out of breath and on a phone camera)

Yep dog flat out asleep, children tucked up in bed watching cbeebies.

Twinaloo 2 decided that she needed to have a turn. She handled it a lot better than me!

Fairy then got up to see what on earth I was doing, she then had her breakfast while I showered and changed.

We were all outside by 10:00, super organised.

The children played in the garden while I hung out yet more washing, four children certainly do produce a lot of washing.

We then set about planting the seedlings into bigger pots.

We planted 6 strawberry plants, a blackberry bush, a Raspberry tree, 6 chilli plants, 6 lettuce plants and 6 cauliflower plants. I hope to get some carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, sweetcorn and broccoli in before long.

Although I can’t believe we are meant to return to colder weather, my poor seedlings have to come in each night because of the risk of frost, yet just a few days ago we were having temperatures in the high teens.

We then sorted out the bunnies and the guinea pigs before heading in to start on some learning, the older two done an hour of maths each and then an hour of English, while I did various workbooks with the Twinaloos.

I am noticing a shift in the Twinaloos learning again, a few weeks ago Twinaloo 2 was all about writing, she would trace wonderfully with Twinaloo 1 just rushing and not really bothering even though she was asking to do it. Now Twianloo 1 is loving any copy work and is really good at it, Twinaloo 2 is referring to every thing as boring, I guess she has heard a certain little man say that a few times. Twinaloo 2 has become much more hands on, cooking is a favorite of hers.

Nothing with the Twinaloos is forced if they don’t want to do any of the activities I have selected for them then they remain on their shelves until they want to do them.

Last Tuesday it was my step dads birthday, we always make our birthday cards, I always think hand made cards are far nicer than shop brought cards.

Strong-man is normally a bit hesitant to do any writing or drawing, but off her went with his paper, in true style any thing strong-man does Twinaloo 1 has to do, She then came over  and asked what she had to write, I offered to write it in pencil for her, so she could trace over it and this was her attempt.

She did so well, she was so proud of it, I then shut the card and this is the picture she had drawn.

It is her Grandad, isn’t it fantastic, she did it all by herself, the idea and the drawing was all her own.

On Saturday she asked me how to write her name, she didn’t want me to write it so she could trace it, she wanted to write it all by herself, so I wrote it on the white board and she wrote it on a piece of paper.

I love it, it is something I a going to keep forever, I still have Libby’s first drawings and writing.

Super proud Mummy moment.

Today I was meant to get up at 6:30 put kept pushing the snooze  button, Strong-man was in bed with me and he is so warm and cuddly that I didn’t want to get out.

This back fired thought when my lovely brother arrived early with Jet.

I then wanted to do some of my ‘Just Dance’ wii game, it has been put away in the cupboard for ages, which of course meant that the controllers were not charged, there goes that idea then.

We have these little fellows to watch grow,

so I wanted to print off some sheets and colouring for the munchkins to do, however the printer would not accept the new printer cartridges, so that idea went down the drain.

The bunnies then escaped from their cage and were chased round the garden by four excited but worried children.

In the end we gave up and headed off to Grandmas (after putting the bunnies back), so the Twinaloos could go to Gymnastics, nope its half term so gymnastics is not on.

No worries we will walk the doggies over the park and get some exercise, nope the dogs decide to have a barney with another dog, so back to Grandma’s we go.

Strong-man completed his first Lego build all by himself, he has built numerous creations before, but this is the first time he has followed the directions and managed to finish the build. He was very pleased with himself, as was I, patience is not his strong point.

We also made these lovely window flowers with the Twinaloos.

The only thing I did manage to do today that I set out to do was book tickets for the cinema, we are going with some friends tomorrow night, PaPa bear is working so it will just be me and the munchkins, which is fine I have taken them all on my own before, however I have not taken them at 7:20 at night which is also the Twinaloos bed time, hummm lets hope they manage to stay awake, I do not fancy carrying two not so small babies down all the cinema steps.

Last week we also managed to have our first fire pit of the year. Strong-man loves it when we agree to get the fire pit going, he is so much like my brother its unbelievable. I have many memories from my childhood of being sent in to collect things my brother could either burn or cook on a little fire he had started at the end of the garden. He would then want me to taste them, I do wonder how I never managed to get ill from eating his creations.

We roasted marshmallows, brunt sticks and warmed our bellies.

I always find it far to cold and end up tucked up in the tent in a sleeping bag, one by on the children succumb to the cold and tiredness and join me, both Twinaloos fell asleep in there tucked up in all the covers.


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Firstly Hello again little blog, it has been a while.

This is not really going to be a home ed post because I need this post for another reason, I need to work out a few things, to get them out of my head and on to paper and to have a place to come back to in a few years time and reflect. So if you want to stop reading now, thank you for coming, I hope to have you back again soon x.

If you are still with me, here goes………….

I love lists, I love charts and schedules, I love having everything planned, I love knowing where we are heading, I love knowing our next move.

I hate not knowing what to choose, I hate having questions with out answers, I hate not having a plan.

The number of questions that are running round in my head is almost too much for me to contain, the constant back and forth with a decision, the not knowing what the right decision is, the not being able to achieve what I so desperately want is making me feel like I am falling apart. I feel like I am wondering alone, lost, not knowing how to get home.

So let me break it down one question at a time

This blog 

Do I make this blog private?

I love that people enjoying reading this little blog, I enjoying writing it, however some days there are things I would like to write about that I don’t,  because, I am never sure who is reading.
Going private would mean I can rant till the cows come home and I know it would stay on these pages.
But this blog was mainly set up so that our family can see what we get up too and it works, the family whom live abroad enjoying seeing what we do and I hope they feel a little closer to us.
I also wanted this blog to be a bit like a diary, a day by day view, even if nothing exciting happened, but I have found myself choosing not to blog because I didn’t have anything different from the day before to say, I am mindful of the few people who read this blog, which then means I am blogging for them not for myself. Again going private would mean I can blog about every day boring stuff without worrying if I am boring people to death.

So private or public?

Home education

Do I take a leap of faith?

There is a word that floats around the home ed circle, a word that scares me, a word that I can see my children heading too and if I am honest they have been for a long, long time but I have always fought against it, a word that would test me and would take a huge leap of faith, not because I don’t think they would succeed, but because it is the complete opposite of who I am.

That word is Autonomous learning or child lead learning. Scary word isn’t it.

It would mean my lovely lists would have to go, my need to have every thing planned and know exactly what we are doing and when would not cut it. That scares me, I feel safe when every thing is controlled, I need to be in control and with Autonomous learning I would be essentially handing the control over to them, I would be a facilitator rather than an educator.
I have read numerous books/website about this subject and I get it, I see how wonderful it is and I can see it works, I can see how it would benefit my children, even nursery/play-groups/preschools are adopting a variation of this method of learning and it seems a wonderful way of life but I am not sure I can do it.
At times I think it is possible other times I freak out and dismiss it altogether, I have seen it coming for a while and it amazes me that despite every thing, all my plans, charts, lists, I am still having to consider this way of learning.
When I feel brave and leave the children to it, what they learn amazes me, for example the other night we went out for a meal with my brother and his fiancée and my mum and step dad, the pub we were in was holding a quiz, we could hear the questions, Fairy started answering some of them, when the answers were read out we checked her answers and she got everyone right. I had not taught her any of the information she needed, it was all things she had read/researched all by herself all because she was interested in it at the time.

So do I take the leap of faith or do I continue with the struggle to get them to comply to my way of learning?


Do we go, do we stay or something in between?

Okay, so forget everything you have just read about me, because this is not going to make much sense if you still have me as a control freak in your mind.

All my life I have felt like a free spirit, when I was little I used to dream about being a gypsy, having a wagon, a horse and a few belongings and travelling from place to place, just following the open road.
I hate the thought of being stuck in one place to long, I become bored quickly, which is why I think I chose to work with children, no two days with children are the same. Most of my life I have fought this feeling but it has always been there, getting stronger and stronger.
I would love really, really love to travel, just up and leave, go from place to place, work for a bit then move on.
In 2010 we did just that we travelled America for six weeks all six of us the Twinaloos were 1 1/2, we did a few thousand miles and went through roughly 18 states, it was amazing, it was unbelievable and for the first time in my life I felt at home. To be honest I fell in LOVE with America and when we returned home I was depressed for quite a while after and longed to go back.
I hoped that six weeks travelling would be enough, I would get it out of my system, I would then be able to settle down here and concentrate on buying a house ect ect.
This did not happen!
Then I came across these people and I have never been so envious of another persons way of life.
Think of all the amazing places there are to see, all the amazing sights that were created for us to witness and I am stuck here in Suffolk.
The problem, well money, but there is ways around that, working at each place we stop, it would mean staying in one place longer but we could do it. Also how could I leave my mum, it would break her heart, my munchkins (and my Brother) are her life, how could I take them away from her. Especially when she is ill, I want to be here with her.

So do we go, do we stay, or do we go for a year?


Some where warm, big house small garden, small house big garden or caravan and land?

I need the sun shine, I have known this for a while, I am no good in winter, I love the warmth, the brightness, the freedom and beauty of the sun. I am a better person when it is sunny. I desperately want to move, some where it is warm all year round I have always fancied Australia and strangely enough quite a lot of my family, on my Mum’s side have moved there. Husband would love to move abroad as well. So it is something we discuss regularly. But again how could I leave my mum.

The sun we have had recently has meant we have been outside a lot more, this has made me realise how much we need more outdoor space, I am desperate to grow my own food, the children are desperate to have a big back garden, they will rate every house we see, on the size of the back garden, it does not matter what the house has to offer, whether it be more space inside or a bedroom for each of them, if the garden is small then  it is a no, no. I was so lucky growing up I got to experience freedom of land, we had horses, and family members had land, lots of it, so I spent most of my childhood running free or paddling in the stream at the end of the field, I want this for my children. We have talked about buying some land and living on it in a caravan, oh the problems that this creates is unreal but we would still consider it and it is doable as this lovely family are doing just that.

I would really like more space inside, home education takes up a lot of space and another room down stairs would be a dream come true, a room to store all the bits and pieces, a room where everything was accessible all the time. It would be bliss.

So do we move abroad, move in to a caravan, find a smaller house with a bigger garden or find a bigger house which will almost certainly have a small back garden.

So many questions not enough answers.


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