The twins

The twins are three years old, they are identical mirror image twins.

Imogen is an electric mix of fun and games. she see’s the funny side in everything and makes us laugh daily.

She is fiery, loud, independent, stubborn and completely loveable

She adores her brother strongman and is convinced he was put on this earth for her enjoyment.

Imogen has a strong confident presence but is very soft hearted and easily upset.

she absolutly love’s doing ‘ Tot school’ and amazes us each day.

Madeline is the complete opposite of Twinaloo 1,

She is quiet, obedient, gentle, helpful, soft and amazingly lovely, she showers us with love and kisses each and every day.

She is my shadow where ever I am she will be,

Surprisingly Madeline is the more confident of the two and is also the toughest. (you wouldn’t think it to look at them)

Madeline is enjoying ‘Tot school’ but her best thing in life is ‘reading’.

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One thought on “The twins

  1. i am also HEing twins, i love it – i can let them be different as they want to be as only one can really read yet … nice blog ill be sure to pop back xxxx

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