A slow day

Today has been just that a slow day, we normally try and start some type of work by 9:30, but not today, Strong-man finally woke up at 9 and finally had breakfast at 10.  Fairy was up earlier than normal but not exactly early by any means, although I must say it was before her brother, something she is happy about.

I however was up super early, because of the lack of house work yesterday I decided that I would get up early, fill the work boxes and have a tidy and a cup of tea in peace. Of course the Twinaloos had the same idea, only minus the house work, box filling and peace. So all three of us were up and dressed at 6 this morning.

They all slept better last night the girls still came in bed with me a various points and cameron woke for a wee, but the itching had stopped so they did lay fairly still.

So a slow day, nothing seem to flow properly, we started things and then didn’t feel like doing them any more, different children wanted to do different bits of work at different times. Fairy likes to work completely independently so I sent her off with a list of things to do but even she couldn’t settle.

Lunch time came and we had not achieved much at all, so I sent them outside, They were not very found of this idea, today the sun was hiding and had not warmed our little garden and the grass was still wet with morning dew. They went though, well to be honest they didn’t have much choice. I managed to have a quick tidy up and make a cup of tea before they returned.

Then we started on our famous artist project, we are studying Picasso this week, we used this book , its a great book, very simple yet informative.

Twinaloo two has mastered using the laptop all by herself, so now she likes to play reading eggs and this site that my sister suggested, we had a look first and the Twinaloos gave it a thumbs up so we are using a free trail at the moment.

Twinaloo two in action.

After art study I decided to call it a day and they were free to go do what ever they wanted. Which was more computer game designing for Fairy and playing for Strong-man, excitement took over when we had a power cut and Grandad had to come round and sort it out, something had gone wrong with main circuit so we had lights but no heating, no oven and no hot water. Just what I needed.

I was sitting thinking tonight, about how much we actually fit into a day, I decided to go back over our day and relate it to a school day, we actually did very well.

Strong-man completed three work sheets on money, so that is Maths.

He then completed a work sheet from a book my lovely friend let me borrow, it was about poetry, so that is English.

He also completed his spelling work, English again.

We did a bible study, so that is R.E.

We experimented with water, so that covers Science

He taught his sisters about fractions using our puzzle blocks, more maths

 He read a book , more English.

We started our art  study. So that covers, well Art.

 He then walked this lovely doggy at the park with Fairy. I am sure that must come under P.S.E.  Do they still call it that?

He had a go at roller skating outside. His first time out side, he did very well. That covers P.E.

He then went on the computer while I cooked tea, so that covers, I.T.

Fairy did pretty much the same here are some shots of her in action.

Doing her bible work.

ummmm I am sure she is not trying to push her brother over!!!

So on our slow day we actually managed to cover, Maths, English, IT, R.E, Science and P.S.E, maybe not such a slow day after all.


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