I am moving this blog.

We have brought the web address

So I am going to be recording our monthly antics over there.

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June, July and August


June zoomed by, while sorting out books for the new house, I came across a horse and pony book, of course Madeline had to have it, given she was already wearing a riding hat, I think it was a pretty good find.


We started off the month by visiting southwold Maize maze. It was a lovely day, the children were given cards to stamp, which the girls and Cameron enjoyed.  The half way mark was the big bridge and from the top you could see for miles, although being so small whilst in the maze all the girls could see was maize, Cameron enjoyed the map reading, although we had to rely on Daddy to get us out.


With Daddy directing we soon escaped the maze and went to have some fun on the playground.

The bouncy pillow was lots of fun!


although rather tiring it would seem.



As always refreshments were soon needed, the girls were adamant that they would go and get the water by themselves, Cameron went to lend a helping hand, such confidence.



There were also tractors and go carts to ride on and a sand pit to dig in and slide to whiz down.

A great day out.

Some time during July the grass needed cutting, as always Daddy was never short of helping hands.



One of the many things we are admiring since moving here is the evening sky’s

Simply amazing, such bright colours, makes me stop and thank God for such beauty.

Finally, I managed to get sorted with one of the activities I saw on another blog.  Ice building and destroying. A simple activity with lots of learning.


Imogen loved it, Madeline not so much. she had more fun throwing the sawdust into the air and watching it float down.

The chimneys got swept,






The wedding.

It was a lovely day, of  course it all went to fast.

The flower girls


The page boy


The bride and groom


Jet stayed for the weekend


it was fantastic fun and got us out and about every day.

We went exploring on Tuesday, down a near by foot path and to our little village pond. Then to the JCB depot to see the big diggers and tractors.


10 ducklings!

Today, a tiny baby newt found by Cameron and called Newton.


Garden news

I am hoping to get the raised beds sorted soon as Uncle has said this is a good time to get them ready and prepare the soil.

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, and the blackberry bushes that line the garden are now starting to turn.


My beautiful flowers from the stall down the road.






There is beauty all around, I must remember to slow down and open my eyes.









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32 little days

32 days ago we thought moving with four children, two cats, two bunnies and two guinea pigs was the only drama in store for us.

Boy were we wrong.

So much has happen in those 32 days.

32 days ago we spent the first night in our new house. The house we all love, the house which will have its own post, soon.

27 days ago we left our new home and went camping.

20 days ago we returned home.

18 days ago We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

17 days ago Cameron suffered an asthma attack and had to be taken to hospital at 5:30 in the morning. My poor little man.

17 days ago my Grandad suddenly died. Not getting to say goodbye is hard.

14 days ago,with close family we celebrated my little man’s 8th birthday.

12 days ago surrounded by friends and family we had a party for my only boy.

10 days ago I prayed for life to settle down and for us to find a new rhythm.

5 days ago I took the first step in the right direction for us and deleted my Facebook account.

2 days ago we got to spend the whole day with Jet, words can not describe how much we have missed him.

2 days ago we had to say goodbye to Jet, heart-break all over again.

2 days ago I upset my brother.

1 day ago I got to go for a meal with my fantastic husband.

32 little days, every day different, every day with its struggles, but every day full of love.






























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What do four children do, when almost all of their toys are packed away and they have nothing else to do,

Simple they……..

Ride a crocodile to work

Go diving in the deep-sea

Play the snorkel saxophone,

chill out on inflatable beds,

Hoopla an inflatable fish,

and when the noise gets too much for a tired mummy they make butterfly wings with their feet.

What does a dog do, well he goes doggy surfing of course (photo edited by Libby)

There is certainly nothing wrong with my children’s imaginations. We had so much fun this morning being silly together.

We then went for a very late walk in the park so a very energetic puppy could run off some steam,

then a quick game of hide and seek before heading home to watch a  film.



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Almost there.

We have been busy, busy packing, busy learning and busy living.

This is the start of our last week in this house, when we came here the girls were Six months old and we had just started our Home education journey, oh my how things have changed.

The girls are a little bit worried about moving, fear of the unknown I guess.

We pick up the keys on Friday and hand these keys back a few days later.

Sometimes, time seems to be flying by but then at other times it seems to drag.

However by the end of next week we will no longer live in our birth town, we are moving forward, slowly getting to where we want to be, looking forward to the future with great excitement.

I still have lots to sort out, but all in good time.

While we have been busy packing the raspberries, strawberries and tadpoles have been growing. We now have a bucket full of froglets and home-grown strawberries and raspberries.

Cameron informs me these are the best tasting strawberries ever!

Our baby frogs, so tiny

a few still have their tails.

The first of our raspberries

with a promise of more to come.


On Wednesday the children were asking to go to the park and as the sun was shining we could see no reason not to. We chose a park  close by, with a pool and grabbed our towels and headed out.

Crazy hair

Why wear one swim suit when you can wear two.

We had so much fun, after the park we went in search of dishwashers, not quite so much fun, then ended the day with a walk along the beach.

Cameron took a picture of me and my twinaloos and as pictures of me are very rare on here or any where to be truthful, I thought I would add it. Not sure why the feather duster is making an appearance though.


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I have boxes that are packed and taped, boxes that are half packed and boxes waiting to be packed. It’s very exciting,  just a little messy.

I have Cameron’s room completely packed, he is now sleeping  on his mattress in the girls room, which is causing great excitement, not the best solution for bedtime but never mind.

The girls room is almost done, just their bunk beds and a wardrobe to sort out. I keep thinking I have loads of time but we have only got 3 weekends until we move, which means three uninterrupted packing days, the deep clean of the house that used to happen while the children were at Grandma and Grandads on a sunday has been ditched in favour of packing, equally as stimulating though!

I am so excited about moving, I keep logging on to the estate agents website and looking at the pictures of the house, planning what will go where.

Today we started our study on the Queen, It went well considering it involved a fair bit of writing, not something Cameron enjoys, I am sure he thought I was trying to torture him at one point. That boy is so fantastic, he is a mirror of me  when I was younger, I can now see what my mum had to enjoy. The older two also spent an Hour (ish) on their maths. The sun kept calling them outside though so we stopped there and went to walk Jet.

While sitting at the table eating my lunch I over heard the Twins playing in the garden, it went a little like this,

“what is that”

“oh I think it is sick, I think they were sick”‘

At which point I get up to see exactly what the twins have found.  As I was walking up to them, Madeline hears me and turns round
all serious and says,

“Oh its okay my slugs have been sick.’

Well how do you reply to that.I have no idea where that came from, they are so funny, I love the things they come out with, the little games they play.The other day when we were cooking, I said to Imogen “are you licking the bowl again? “she replied with “no I am not, I am just cleaning it with my tongue”  an answer for everything that girl.

One last thing before pictures, thank you for all the private messages and comments people sent regarding my last post, I feel I should just say that, that post was written from a happy place, by that I mean I was not feeling fed up or even slightly depressed, days like that don’t happen very often, but they do happen and I was just brain storming, trying to find solutions to problems. Angela summed up exactly what I was trying to achieve with that post when she left a comment saying, The most positive thing we can do I feel is to be honest with ourselves and look for solutions and recognise that we can only do our best and even we mums need some space and time. 

So I am sorry if I gave any one the impression that I was having a hard time, while this journey of ours is hard and so very tiring, I absolutely love what we are doing, I believe we are doing the right thing for our children and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you again for all your nice comments though.

The last few days in pictures.

Reading to his little sister.
My butterfly lavender has finally recovered after being moved and replanted 2 years ago.
Cookie decorating
A day at Uncle Paul’s and Aunty Liz’s
Feeding the goats with Aunty Liz
Cameron cuts the grass
Egg shells we found in the back field.
Jet looking after Madeline while she was poorly. ( notice the pink teddy, Paul!!!)
A walk in the park
Mr Jetsi
Look at that face.
If there is a tree he will climb it.
looking at nature
Imogen finds another use for the boxes.
A horsey ride on Uncle Paul
Madeline rose
Performing for their tea.
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Here but not really.

Sometimes I feel I am short-changing the children, a day can go by and I realise that I have not even sat with the children, no books have been read, no proper cuddles have been had, no toys have been played with.

They have read, cuddled, played but I have not. I have been too caught up in my own tasks, that I have not noticed them.

Sure I have fed them, dried tears, listened to moans and helped with tasks. But if I am honest I have not given them my all, a cuddle my have been given with just one arm because I was too busy looking at something on the internet and I didn’t want to move the lap top off my lap. A conversion may have been replied too without not really understanding what they were saying

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of not really listening to them, maybe I listen but I do not hear.

To be honest at the moment my children annoy me, as in super annoy me, they moan constantly, they fight, the twins cry, gosh do they cry, they bang the glass in the back door even though they know not too, they keep insisting on coming in the laundry door, causing the washing on the tumble dryer to fall on the floor, do they pick it up, of course not. They get things out and never put stuff away, they shout, I am convinced they can not speak in a normal voice. They repeat everything a hundred times, even when I have answered them. They climb in the bathroom window instead of using the door and I am so tired of telling them not to do these things and not have them listen that I am not enjoying them or me at all. I am shouting at them a lot and I am finding myself escaping from them more and more. Laptop time for them has increased, as has cbeebies just because I know while they are busy doing these things they are not bugging me.

I don’t want to wake up one day and realise that they have stopped asking me to look at their drawing or showing me a new skill they have learnt so some thing has to change, not some thing me, I have to change.

When I read back all I have written the biggest thing that screams out at me is that they are bored, not bored as in we have nothing to do bored but bored as in something is missing bored.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and she mentioned, how if you constantly keep children entertained, constantly have something for them to do, then when they become adults what will they be like. How will they ever learn to amuse themselves. I completely agree with this, I am not saying that I want to have activities set up for the children every hour of every day, I don’t want them to need to be told what to do and when to do it, what I want is to feel more present I guess, be ready for them when they do need me, feel happy that they want to play, happy that I have time to play, not feel annoyed because I have so much else to do.

The only way I can see me achieving this is planning, organising and eliminating the things that are not important. I have so much to do each day and it does get on top of me, I often feel like I am drowning in jobs.
The fact is that four children at home ALL the time causes a lot of mess and house work, Jason’s shifts means that he is never here at the same time/day each week, if he is on nights then literally everything is up to me. I hate this, it gets a tad lonely, but it’s just the way it is, he works hard to provide for us.

So step one, a list of  things that need doing each day/evening, every other day and things that waste my time.

Every day/evening

washing up,
Cooking ,
Feed cats,
next days work,

Every other day.

Wipe over floors,
Bath time,
Hoover stairs,
Wipe over bathroom


Next weeks work ( get books needed, supply’s ect)
Change bed sheets

Things that waste my time,


One other thing I want to change is the fact that I go to bed so late, I would rather get up early than go to bed late.

Ohhh so simple, right now just to make a plan of how I am going to fit this all in. All while having to pack up every thing we own.

One last thing, please stop raining, it’s really not helping my mood.


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No words just pictures (holiday ones to be exact)


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The last few days.

Saturday was another lovely warm, dare I say it Hot day here, Daddy was working so we ambled long at home for the morning then ventured out to my brothers in the afternoon, to pick up some tiles and drain pipe. The children want to have a go at mosaics and with this warmer weather I wanted to make them a water run type thing for the garden. I also picked up some cardboard boxes, so I can start packing the things we are not using.

Libby stayed at Grandma and Grandad’s for the night, only having three children to look after is so much easier than four, I remember when only having one was a challenge.

The children spent all day Sunday cleaning out Grandad’s pond.

Obviously pond cleaning is best undertaken in your under pants.

Various wildlife was found.

including two newts and lot and lots of tadpoles

Lots of frogs

Dragon fly and Dragon fly nymph

and finally 10 fish

Hummm, Monday, another one of those days when every one is tired and grumpy and nothing goes to plan. We did make it too the park with Jet. The rest is best forgotten.

Yesterday poor Madeline had terrible diarrhea and slept for most of the day, meaning we missed out on a BBQ with our friends, which was a real shame, we were all really looking forward to it.

Thankfully she is much better today.


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27/05/12 Purple Hair

I have purple hair.

On Friday I went to the hair dressers with brown hair and came out with purple, well more, red/ purple.

This was not really my first choice or colour, I wanted a plum colour, a deep purple I guess, but the Hairdresser talked me round and I love it, it will take some getting used to though.

It is very different to any thing I have ever had, I am quite radical with my hair, I will at the last minute book an appointment and just change the style completely, although I have never changed the colour, so this is a first for me, I really wish I would have done it sooner.

I guess its good to be different, I am not one for following the crowd.

Late Thursday afternoon we ventured to the beach, just a last minute thing, we all wanted to go out and with this lovely warm weather the beach seemed like a good place. So we packed our bags,grabbed a disposable BBQ and headed to Southwold. 

We had a fantastic afternoon/evening, the older two and Pa Pa ventured into the sea while the twins and I played in the sun.

The children then played their own little games, some times all of them together but mostly the older two together and the little two together.

We then set up the BBQ and had a little feast on the beach, we stayed for quite a while just enjoying being together. 

We finally got home at 8:00 with four very sandy, tired, happy children.


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